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About Melissa

Melissa Johnson is the face behind Best Friends for Frosting, a lifestyle and DIY-friendly site. She is a down-to-earth kinda girl wanting to connect readers all over the world! She contributes to Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook Magazine, Pottery Barn Kids and more.

Social Connections:

How did you start?

I wanted to build a community with people who got excited about the same things I got excited about.

Where do you find inspiration?

From my childhood, interiors, fashion, architecture, social media, vacations, and in my kid’s classrooms.

What do you post about?

Recipes, fun DIY projects, memorable parties, home decor ideas, and other joyful ways to celebrate the everyday!

What does your audience relate most to?

Genuine, bubbly, and most of all, relatable, Melissa’s down-to-earth personality, as the girl next door, connects millions of readers all in the name of celebrating the everyday. Melissa Johnson creates uplifting content with a unique branded style that includes entertaining tips, recipes, home decor, and motherhood.

What has been your favorite experience as an Influencer:

My favorite part is knowing Best Friends For Frosting’s content can play a role in creating memories to our readers that can last a lifetime. We’ve also hit on some amazing partnerships. 2 of my favorites from last year are:
1. We worked with IZEA and CORT to convert on our Airbnb’s into a real branded experience of the blog – in real life. The airbnb resides in Sacramento and has gained viral notable press.
2. Working with Martha Stewart Living Magazine and Target. They shared my tips and tricks on how to host your own cookie party, in the December 2018 issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

What 3 things does anyone starting as an Influencer need to know?

Only do what you love and what feels like you.  Content is king- when in doubt, leave it out. Always make sure to offer value- even if you’re talking about yourself, make sure the value you’re offering is inspiring your readers on some level.

What is the best thing about being an influencer?

Best Friends For Frosting is our family’s only stream of revenue. I feel so grateful that we can create our own schedule. It is such a blessing to be able to pick up and drop off our kids from school and create a schedule that works well for our family.

What’s the largest challenge you face as an influencer? How do you overcome it?

In 2016, one of the ad agencies we worked with (MODE Media) filed bankruptcy and owed us $70,000 in campaigns as well as other influencers millions of dollars.  We were able to re-cover some of the revenue from direct companies and finish the work we were contracted for. There were many household name brands that did not pay us back. MODE Media re-opened their doors in Japan and they’re fully running the same type of business. Still blows my mind.

Tell us about your proudest moment as an influencer?

2018 was one of our best years yet! We were able to leverage our brand on multiple different levels.  Pinterest shared a case study on Best Friends For Frosting’s brand success. We did a national commercial for Oxiclean.  We launched our Best Friends For Frosting Airbnb – a real life experience of the blog. We launched the Best Friends For Frosting Podcast. We sold out 2 product line collaborations. Best Friends For Frosting was featured on 3 pages in December’s issue of Martha Stewart Living. It was really cool to see the blog live through various platforms – tangible, in-print and physically.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

I had so many dreams from the beginning that I am just now getting started on- podcasts, business courses book deals and product lines. These were all on my vision board since 2013. I am JUST now mustering up the courage to launching these adventures. I wish I had started sooner so I could learn more through trial and error and grow an even stronger brand.

What factors do you take into account for what you charge with a post?

Exclusivities, outlets to post on, type of content to create, etc.

What is the best practice for Brands looking to work with Influencers?

Does the influencer offer value to their readers? Does their feed feel cohesive? Do their stories feel like you’re doing life together? Put yourself in a “follower’s” shoes and think about how they feel towards the influencer. Bonus, have your team follow the influencers to gain the experience first hand.

How do you choose which campaigns you will and will not participate in?

I make sure the brand can align with my content. 

What do you do to encourage authentic engagements on your sponsored posts?

Offer value, ask questions, respond back to as many comments as possible, and make sure the imagery is thumb stopping. 

Where do you see the future of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is REALLY gearing around creating community. I think that communities are very loyal to the influencers they follow.  Instagram is also becoming bigger than ever. Many of the sponsors I talk to are sharing the same growing pains that they are just now taking Instagram seriously and need to grow their followers. Podcasts are up and coming and will be HUGE!  I believe that influencers will continue to become brands and product lines will become stronger. I think more manufacturers will release brands with influencers. Influencers will be taken more seriously as celebrity talent as the girl next-door. Maybe even radio stations will have Influencers start DJing or hosting guest spots.   Maybe even television shows will have guest spots with influencers or give a few of them their own reality show. This industry is evolving. I watched bloggers become influencers and it’s been so fun!

Any open-ended story you’d like us to share: 

Here is my new site that I am launching to support my podcast and courses: