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The best influencer marketing news fit to share this week. Stories, articles and content collected throughout the week of October 29 – November 2 and curated by our influencer marketing experts especially for you in this weekly thought leadership roundup.

Instagram Stories Has Become a ‘Box to Check’ in All Facebook Campaigns, Buyers Say


On Tuesday’s third-quarter earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made clear his belief that stories — posts that he simply described as ones that disappear but are commonly known as being vertical and mobile — lie at the heart of the company’s future. And while investors have heard Zuckerberg describe Facebook as being mobile-first, people-first and video-first, this new pitch seemed to combine it all together and had listeners thinking of one word: Instagram.
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US Marketers: Influencer and Content Marketing Messages Demonstrate Strongest Year-to-Year Effectiveness Gains

MarTech Series

As social media has moved from a “shiny new thing” to an integral element of everyday life, influencer marketing has maintained its chart-topping strength as an effective form of marketing messaging in the minds of marketers and consumers alike. These and other industry-relevant findings have been revealed in IZEA’s 2018 “State of the Creator Economy” report, commissioned by IZEA Worldwide, Inc., operator of IZEAx, the premier online marketplace connecting brands and publishers with influential content creators, and conducted in partnership with research firms The Right Brain Consumer Consulting, Lightspeed GMI, and Research Now.
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Twitch Adds 235,000 Streamers to Revenue Program in 2018, 6,800 Partners


Twitch CEO Emmett Shear expressed the importance of community on the platform and revealed new tools that will help build stronger communities during his keynote address at TwitchCon Friday morning. Shear also highlighted how Twitch, the dominating game streaming service, has grown. More than a million people, he said, are tuning in to Twitch at any given moment and every day about half a million streamers go live on the service.
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Marketers Beware: Influencer Marketing Fraud is Real

CMS Wire

In an effort to expand their reach into the right markets, many brands are turning to social media influencers. Brands such as Adobe and Squarespace are making use of micro-influencer marketing particularly, seeking out social media celebrities with relatively small, but targeted audiences.
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Why Brands Need to Prioritize Real Influencers Over the Fake Ones


As marketers, it is certainly important to have a sense of humor about our industry and not take ourselves too seriously. There are big, bold creative campaigns that fall flat, unfortunately placed media that shows up within the wrong context and the jargon-infused version of the English language we are all fluent in. But then there are times when I have to ask myself, “Have we all gone and lost our minds?”
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Snapchat’s PR firm sues influencer for not promoting Spectacles on Instagram


Influencer marketing could get a lot more accountable if Snapchat’s PR firm wins this lawsuit. Snapchat hoped that social media stars promoting v2 of its Spectacles camera sunglasses on its biggest competitor could boost interest after it only sold 220,000 of v1 and had to take a $40 million write-off. Instead, Snap  comes off looking a little desperate to make Spectacles seem cool.
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