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There are millions of Facebook pages on this buzzing blue abode, but what wonders does your page house to attract users to it? Find out how to draw eyeballs, likes and shares to your page.

A Picture is Worth a Million Words

A Facebook page without a display picture (DP) or a cover photo loudly blurts “this page lacks something!” It conveys the idea that the business is unprofessional and its admin is uninterested. You can’t do away with a DP, wherein the company logo is generally uploaded, as it stands to represent your business.

On the other hand, your cover photo speaks about your company’s personality. By virtue of being humans, consumers are more attracted to eye-catching photos showcasing a business’s personality.

Therefore, be picky when choosing an appropriate cover photo, and make sure that it is relevant to your business and indicative of what your business is about. Skittles’ cover photo is a shining example of how to express personality and attract visitors.

Feed Information into Your Profile

If you want people to invest their time to view your business’s Facebook page, you need to spend your time to fill it with lots of details and information. Visitors like to see (and read) descriptive data in the ‘about’ sections of a company’s profile.

Providing more relevant information increases your chances of receiving more business. Adding information about operating hours, phone numbers, email addresses, parking and payment options are some of things that potential customers find useful. In addition to that, the information also adds more credibility to your business.

Interact to Bond

Businesses would never last if they didn’t share a bond with their clientele. A business Facebook page is no different – interact with your followers so that they feel important and heard. Be prepared to put aside your fears of asking them about your brand’s quality and services on a public platform.

Don’t be too shy to ask them what they want. For instance, Starbucks inquired about how its new coffee tasted, while Olive Garden posted pictures of their dishes daily and asked followers if they had a chance to try it.

If a customer leaves a comment appreciating your business, it shouldn’t really be such a big task for you to thank him or her. If somebody has a suggestion, at least acknowledge it and consider applying it if it actually helps better your business. Also, when a visitor asks you a question, make sure you answer on the same day before he or she decides to opt for your competitor’s products or services.

Being active on your page will keep your business from losing out on potential customers – who are also the target market of your competitor.

Time Your High Quality Status

A status is posted every millisecond. Posting a boring status isn’t going to catch your customer’s eye. The trick is to post high quality status updates at timed intervals.

Starbucks shared news about a particular ‘rarest of the rarest’ coffee and how they were analyzing the coffee beans at their headquarters. Now, this coffee is in their coffee shop, and coffee lovers are subtly tempted to try it.

Also, fun posts that directly reward followers are always a hit. For example, if your customers know that you are going to post a weekly competition/coupon/contest, they are much more likely to visit your page often.

Use Apps to Engage

Apps are addictive and synonymous with a call-to-action. Facebook provides more than 55 thousand applications. Make sure to find the most relevant ones to integrate with your page. You can offer visitors dynamic quizzes, games and other interactive content.

If you’ve got the bucks, you can internally develop a new app. With Pizza Hut’s Order App, fans can order pizza directly through Facebook. Red Bull also has a custom app on its page that displays Twitter updates from all of the athletes they sponsor.

Advertise Your Page

If you’re willing to shell out more money to publicize your business, then you can promote your page and reach non-followers. Also, you can promote posts individually by clicking ‘Promote’ before publishing. If you’re still willing to spend a little more, place ads in print media with the QR scan code that leads to your Facebook page.

About The Author: Vishal is the founder of, an app development company in Australia that creates innovative apps, provides part funding for selected app ideas and also helps app developers get funding through its network of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.