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When it comes to finding the best hotels in the world, following influencers is a great bet. You’ll get some great insider insights into where to rest your head, discover world-class hotels you may not have heard of, and add the best destinations to your bucket list.

If you’re looking for authorities on luxury and unusual hotels, add these influencers to your must-follow list.

Jack Morris & Lauren Bullen

Jack Morris and his girlfriend, Lauren Bullen, are the power couple of luxury travel. With nearly 4 million Instagram followers combined, their accounts are picturesque examples of what it looks like to be living your best life. Luxury hotels in exotic locations get a different point of view from both Jack and Lauren. While he leans more toward an upscale bohemian vibe, her images are bathed in bright colors and fashion.  

David Hoffman

David Hoffman is a travel-addicted dad and adventurous foodie who has visited more than 68 countries and has worked with dozens of hotel and airline brands over the past decade. His YouTube channel, with more than 897,000 subscribers, is an engaging vlog that covers food, events, and some of the most incredible lodgings you can find. His 144,000 Instagram followers are treated to lots of photos featuring street food from around the world, as well as breathtaking imagery of his travels.

Christina Vidal

There’s a reason she’s been named one of the top luxury travel influencers by Travel & Leisure. Christina Vidal not only travels to the most exotic locations we all want to visit, but she stays in the best hotels and uses her Journalism background to share her experiences there. It’s not all about travel, though; she also is passionate about wine, swimwear, and just about anything that falls into the luxury category. Whether you’re looking for luxury travel tips or just want to live vicariously, this is a great place to start.

Ruben & Rach

Wherever you want to go, there’s a good chance that Ruben & Rach (@gamintraveler) have already been there. Ruben started blogging in 2015 to share his backpacking adventures, but that has since grown to include this couple’s nomadic lifestyle. Their blog continues to provide extensive information on their travels, while also delighting their 130,000 Instagram followers with photos from around the world.

Naomi-Jane Adams

Based in London but always ready for a trip anywhere in the world, Naomi-Jane Adams has the luxury lifestyle covered. She mashes up fashion, travel, hotels, and sustainability to create a beautifully curated collection of images. If you like beaches, swimming pools, and luxury hotels, join the 825,000 followers taking their travel tips from her.

Hannah & Nick

Since 2016, this couple from The Netherlands has been exploring the world and sharing it in a way that most people will never get to see. On Instagram, Hannah & Nick (Sale in Our Hair) enjoy 250,000 followers who can share their adventures to locations like Laos, Komodo, Istanbul, and so much more. They’ll not only find some of the best hotels but will share tips on things like sustainability and how to become a digital nomad yourself.

Louis Cole

Louis Cole has been traveling the world for years, using his Instagram to share those adventures with more than 1.1 million followers. He prefers to pack his travel adventures with a lot of action, which means you never know what you’ll see him doing next — or where he might go to do it. His highlights include trips to Pablo Escobar’s mansion in Tulum, Buckingham Palace, and from Cape Town to Kazakhstan.

Paul Costan

Hailing from Romania, Paul Costan (@impeccablehotels) shares images from hotels around the world. His imagery has amassed more than 455,000 followers on Instagram and picked up partnerships with brands like Marriott and Ferrari. If you’re trying to find the most impressive hotels in the world, this is an excellent place to start.  

Eric Stoen

Having kids doesn’t mean you have to give up traveling, and Eric Stoen (@travelbabbo) is proof of that! This father of three has been a travel junkie for years and didn’t let parenting slow him down. His blog offers tips for traveling with kids no matter their age, and his Instagram account is proof that he’s pulling it off. He’s been to 97 countries — 62 of them with kids in tow — and is no stranger to some of the best hotels around the world. (Check out his “Fav Hotels” story to see a few!)

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