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How did people remodel their home or decorate a room before the internet? These days, people flock to social sites like Instagram to learn about trends and draw inspiration. While the social world is full of design influencers with varying styles and expertise, certain designers are a cut above the rest.

Design Influencer

Here are 10 design influencers to check out on Instagram

Farah Merhi

Farah Merhi is the founder and CEO of Inspire Me Home Decor, a furniture and home accessories store that specializes in bold collections designed around a theme of either silver or gold—her favorite colors. She is also a proponent of maximizing the use of limited space and encourages her audience to be more organized whenever they have the chance. Despite having a following that has recently reached 1M, Farah is still personable with her followers. She shares details about her life besides new design launches and replies to many post comments personally. 

Alina Allen

This New Jersey-based designer has a special eye for wooden accents. Wooden tables, spoons, and cutting boards, as well as wicker baskets and placemats are specialties of hers. In keeping with this wood theme, Alina also shares recipes involving “chopping blocks,” such as this Achar Gosht Pickled Lamb recipe. Alina inspires her audience of 434k to take as much pride in “dressing” their homes as they do in dressing themselves every day.

Areeba Adnan

A mother of one with another on the way, Areeba’s brand is focused on design tips and products for other pregnant mothers and mothers of young children. She also shares about her Pakistani background and how she incorporates her heritage into her life in Canada. With her upbeat personality and eye for keeping things pretty and yet simple to maintain, Areeba’s content is particularly helpful for busy moms who have a lot of responsibilities to juggle and messes to clean up but still want to have a nice house.

Mindy Lovi

Mindy Lovi is a master of dressing up Brooklyn townhouses. Modern angles and minimalist styles are her specialty. She runs a successful interior design business in New York and manages a large staff to keep it all running smoothly. She inspires her audiences to remember that “The design of a home should be a reflection of the people who live inside.”

Josh Young

Josh’s design style is heavily influenced by his six years spent in Italy, during which he graduated from Italy’s renowned Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He now experiments with blending Old World charm with bolder, statement-making features in Washington DC. Josh’s work is featured in many publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, The Wall Street Journal, Domino Magazine, MyDomaine, O, The Oprah Magazine, House Beautiful, and The Maryn.

Caitlin Flemming

Another world traveler, Caitlin has collected her inspiration from multiple countries. She is so well-traveled that she co-authored Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirita book about the variety of homes she’s visited and enjoyed throughout her globetrotting days. She now serves the San Francisco Bay area with her extensive design experience and has a knack for settings of white features with beige backgrounds. Her audience of 56k knows to expect a casual, cozy vibe from her Instagram content.

Shavonda Gardner

Shavonda’s passion in life is to bring big, bold style to everyone, no matter how small their home might be. She thrives on empowering her 162k followers and beyond to strive for better and never accept less than what they want and deserve—whether in designing their homes or in living their lives. When she’s not traveling or creating designs in her renovated bungalow, she shares tips and tricks with her audience for elevating the everyday.

Jodi Bond

If you like pink, Jodi is the designer for you. Some shade of pink, whether salmon, coral, or bubblegum, makes an appearance in nearly all of her designs. If you like bold, feminine flair, you’ll love her posts. As a mother of four, she benefits her audience of 86k by sharing her beautiful designs and prioritizing budget-friendliness in all her DIY ideas. Additionally, she’s a pro at mixing encouraging perspectives into many of her posts to uplift and inspire her followers.

Jessica Nickerson

A native of Dallas, Jessica brings a breath of fresh air to her clients’ farmhouses. She has a special love for old-fashioned patterns on rugs and pillows and often uses them to add a dash of charm to her projects. She wrote “How To: House Homemade,” an ebook about designing a charming, classy-but-comfortable home, to further inspire her 55k followers in their own DIY homemaking journeys.

Andrea Dabene

Andrea Dabene is a gifted designer who focuses on bringing classy, modern moods into mountainside cabins. Beautiful snow-covered mountains often star in the eye-catching view from her photos featuring enormous windows or enchanting balconies. Her themes are mostly winter-focused and lend the impression of a high-class, pricey ski chalet in one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous remote regions of the world.

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