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15 Halloween influencer marketing ideas

Looking to elevate your brand during the spookiest season of the year? Here are some ideas to help you incorporate influencer marketing into your upcoming promotions. No matter what products you offer, these Halloween-centric concepts can help garner interest while entertaining and educating your target audience.

The secret to owning the spooktacular month with influencer marketing is simply a little creativity. Here are 15 ways influencers can tie into your Halloween influencer marketing campaigns.

1. Offer costume ideas

Whether your company sells clothing, craft materials, or office supplies, you probably have what it takes to create a costume. Choose an influencer who is known for their creative genius and challenge them to create three costumes from materials you supply or a set budget.

When British supermarket chain Asda reached out to mega-influencer Roxxsaurus with a challenge to create three budget-friendly, last-minute costume ideas, she did not disappoint the brand — or her YouTube followers. 

2. Sponsor an unboxing video

Unboxing videos are always fun for viewers as well as the influencer opening their items for the first time. When it comes to choosing an influencer, remember: The number of followers isn’t always as important as the niche audience. 

TikTok nano-influencer BenTheHalloweenHoarder, for example, unboxes hauls from a variety of Halloween-centric stores, including Creepy Company, Terror Threads, The Crytocurium, and Draculabyte.

3. Inspire Halloween decorations

Wagner, the maker of home improvement tools for DIYers, got in on the Halloween action by sponsoring mega-influencer Charlee of BuildAndCreateHome on her TikTok channel. 

The construction guru built tombstones and a coffin to transform a front yard into an amazing seasonal scene. The finale in the three-project video included a candy shoot. To complete the clip, Charlee had her son dress up in his costume to demonstrate how the candy shoot worked. 

4. Promote DIY crafts

You can inspire smaller DIY projects, too, like a Halloween craft. Brands with a creative team can share finished Halloween décor, treats, and costumes with tips on what items to buy, where to buy them, and how to assemble the project.

Make sure the project involves your brand’s products in some way or cater the craft to your audience. If your brand caters to kids, for instance, this cute build-a-monster kit is a crafty way to celebrate the holiday:

5. Promote a recipe

From sweet treats and adult beverages to pumpkin-flavored soups and coffees, diehard Halloween fans love to get into the spooky spirit with seasonal flavors. Kentucky decorator and lifestyle blogger Emily, whose Instagram handle shares the GatheredLiving name with her blog, did just that for Trader Joe’s. Her Sweet and Salty Spooky Snack Mix on Instagram included plenty of delicious ingredients as well as a link to shop all the ingredients.

6. Highlight a seasonally themed product

Almost any product can have a Halloween tie-in. Choose a product with jack-o-lanterns, witches, scarecrows, bats, ghosts, vampires — or simply the color orange. 

Pair Eyeware sponsored mega-influencers Mama Jill and Doll, who go by Dolly_Olly_Oxenfree on TikTok, to promote its Halloween-themed Toppers. The video included the discount code DOLLY15, which gave viewers 15% off their order.


#sponsored Get into #Spooky szn with @paireyewear ! 👀 at their Halloween Toppers and use my code DOLLY15 for 15% off! 💙 #ad #halloween #glasses

♬ original sound - Doll

7. Push seasonal limited editions

Brands with seasonal flavors, scents, and designs can cluster their own items together for influencers or encourage a collection of “favorite finds.” Think pumpkin spice, candy corn, witches, skeletons, black cats, scary movies, spiders, zombies, Frankenstein, vampires, tombstones, and ghosts.

For instance, Clio Snacks teamed up with influencer Mariana Zarag to promote its pumpkin spice yogurt bars.

8. Host a contest

Who doesn’t love winning things? Contests often provide an affordable means of promotion that don’t require the prize to be related to Halloween in any way. Simply choose a Halloween-themed contest idea, such as best dog costume, best yard decor, or best table setting, and have the influencer highlight your prize.

When a worldwide chain of military grocery stores hosted a Halloween costume contest, it reached out to influencers who could target their specific market: moms with access to military installations. This included influencer MilWivesSaving, who shared the contest on Instagram, along with a link for more information.

9. List decorated spots to visit

Christmas doesn’t hold a monopoly on drive-by decoration peeping. If your brick-and-mortar store has a great display, ask an influencer to snap a picture in front of it and share it. 

You could also ask an influencer to make a list of decorated businesses and homes in town to check out — with your business listed on it. Here’s a great example of a Spooky House Tour on Instagram:

10. Sponsor a tutorial

Can your brand partner with a beauty influencer who can provide a hair tutorial for Halloween looks? Or a food influencer who can come up with creative vampire-inspired treats? How about an event planner who can plan and decorate for a kids’ spooky-themed neighborhood party? Or a bartender who can show viewers how to mix unique candy-inspired drinks?

Glam Glow knew to turn to YouTube influencer Jade the Libra, “lover of all things magical,” to provide an entertaining and detailed makeup and hair tutorial to create an autumn witch look. The final look included spooky makeup, teased hair, black garland, and spiders to complete the creepy vibe. 

11. Promote makeup for face painting

Beauty influencers can promote more than just a smokey eye. The perfect Halloween face doesn’t necessarily require costume makeup. A talented influencer can use everyday brands to create a variety of looks: cat, clown, Disney character, Victorian bride, or even this sugar skull shared by Kayla’s Makeup Designs.

12. Add a spooky backdrop

Almost any product can make the Halloween cut with the addition of a spooky backdrop. Be prepared to supply influencers with several options that fit the bill. While a simple haunted house or cemetery might do the job, you can up your photography game by adding props to the foreground. 

Take a look at this book giveaway, the background is a simple stock photo, but the books and leaves sit in the foreground. With a little Photoshop magic, you can do something similar.

13. Share a “Spooktacular” promo code

A lack of seasonal items doesn’t mean you have to sit out the month of October. Ask an influencer to share a Halloween message with a special promo code just for the influencer’s audience. It could look something like this:

14. Host a Halloween countdown

You could count down the days to Halloween. As you count down, an influencer you collab with could share a special Halloween message, a clue to a puzzle, or rules to a weekly giveaway.  

A lot of influencers do countdowns to certain holidays. Here’s one:

15. Host a Halloween event

Consider hosting a costume competition or work with a few neighboring businesses to create a Trunk or Treat event. Partner with influencers to share the details. Each business can decorate a few cars, like the one below, and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.


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