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Many gymnasts start their careers in tumbling as young as 4-6 years old. This is a sport that both men and women can grow in throughout their lives and now a lot of these athletes are taking to social media to share their love for gymnastics. Check out these gymnastics influencers who show off their skills on social media.

Gymnastics influencers to watch

Olivia Dunne

One of the most popular gymnasts on social media is Olivia, or Livvy. Olivia has over 5 million followers on TikTok and almost 2 million on Instagram. She is an LSU gymnast who shares her love for tumbling on both platforms as well as other TikTok trends and moments of her life.

Sunisa Lee

Sunisa is an Olympic Gold Medalist and is currently part of the Auburn gymnastics team. With 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Sunisa shares her life on the platform as well as plenty of gymnastics content

Gracie Kramer

With over 94K followers on TikTok, Gracie is another amazing gymnast taking her sport to social media. Gracie shows different tumbling tricks, trying out cheerleading, and unboxing tons of PR packages with her followers. Her bright, positive personality keeps followers and brands coming back for more.

Simone Biles

When you think of gymnasts, you can’t pass up the chance to talk about Simone. This Olympic Gold Medalist and mental health advocate has been sharing her love with gymnastics with the world for years. Her account on Instagram has grown to almost 7 million and she continues to share her life outside of tumbling, with a little gymnastics thrown in.

Elena Shinohara

With over 5 million followers on TikTok, Elena is a rhythmic gymnast. Rhythmic gymnastics usually focuses more on presentation and style. Her TikTok is filled with amazing tumbling routines, boosting the interest in rhythmic gymnastics routines.


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Jade Carey

Jade is an Olympic Gold Medalist and Oregon State Gymnastics team member who has taken her love for gymnastics to Instagram with 319K followers. This talented gymnast shares her gymnastics career online and shows her love for her team as well. 

Riley McCusker

With 144K followers on Instagram, Riley is a World Gold Medalist sharing her tumbling talents with the world. Riley is a six-time U.S. National Team Member and UF gymnast. She loves sharing her life with Instagram as well as her gymnastics career.

Sophia Steinmeyer

Sophia is a Iowa State Gymnastics alumna who shares all things tumbling with her followers on Instagram. Her feed is full of colorful lifestyle and fashion photos as well as gymnastics. Sophia is also open to work with brands now for product reviews on Instagram.

Trinity Thomas

Trinity is another talented gymnast who shares her love for tumbling with almost 74K followers on Instagram. This three-time NCAA National Champion and four-time U.S. National Team Member is a powerhouse in gymnastics and loves sharing her story. Her feed is filled with talented tumbling and bright, color lifestyle photos.

Grace McCallum

Olympic Silver Medalist and two-time World Gold Medalist gymnast Grace is a force to be reckoned with on and off the mat. She’s currently a part of the Utah Gymnastics Team, graduating in 2025. She’s grown her Instagram fan base to 244K showing her life, her love for gymnastics and a few brands that she loves. We can all expect to see more from Grace in the future — both on social media and in tumbling.


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