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If you’re born somewhere between 1965-1980, you’re part of Gen X. This post-boomer generation has a lot of say on social media. Take a look at these 15 Gen X influencers with active online communities.

15 Gen X influencers to follow

Rachel Peru

Rachel is a British model, podcaster and Champion of Midlife Women. On Instagram, Rachel encourages her followers to check on their cholesterol levels, struts her stuff on the runway and shares her favorite pillow pick for getting a good night’s sleep during menopause. 


Lindsey is a fun-loving Gen X mom and self-proclaimed ’80s girl. She regularly treats her TikTok followers to blasts from the past, like lip-synching to some of the decade’s biggest hits, pulling out her vintage toys for a bit of nostalgia, and unlocking her favorite random memories from the ’80s

Sarah — catscatsandmorecatz

Sarah is a married mom of three who loves reliving her Gen X memories of the ’80s and ’90s. Her TikTok followers, who know her as catscatsandmorecatz, tune in to see her childhood celebrity look alike days, share how she knows she’s too old for the TikTok app, and give a glimpse at her teenage self.  

Jen Scott

Jen is a former ‘80s kid and ‘90s wild child. Now, she calls herself a “writer of comedic nonsense.” On TikTok, where she’s better known as jenscottwrites, Jen is a mid-tier influencer who serves up plenty of Gen X content for her followers, like her shock at spotting a ‘90s teen girl Halloween costume, the dismal over-40 dating scene, and the wonder of being a Gen X survivor.   


Who wants to dress up like a 90's teen girl? Party City has everything you need 🙄😆 #90steens #90sfashions #ninetiesfashion #the90scalled #crimpedhair #90sthrowback #genxstyle #xennials Halloween costumes, 90's halloween costumes

♬ Teenage Dirtbag - Sped Up (and she doesn't give a damn about me) (Sped Up) - Wheatus & slater


Nadine is a Rhode Island-based GenXer who’s into music and comedy, especially Pearl Jam. For her TikTok followers, who know her as nachovillasantamaria, she shares her confusion when it comes to understanding her Gen Z son’s taste in music, explains how her generation bought concert tickets before the convenience of the internet, and boycotts the return of shoulder pads as a fashion trend.  

Sherri — therealslimsherri

Sherri is a “GenXer for life” who serves up sarcasm and humor daily. Sherri creatively reimagines the holiday months as snarky, sarcastic Gen Xers, takes a spin on roller skates for the first time in 30 years and shares her latest Gen X “Thought of the Day” for her 401.2K followers. 


Imagine if the holiday months were snarky, sarcastic Gen Xers 😂😂😂 This is how it would be! #janbrady #genx #genxcrew #holidays #mariahcarey #christmas #thanksgiving #halloween #bradybunch #genxtiktokers #snark #sarcasm @Featherandvineboutique

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Leonard Burns

Based in California, Leonard is a hilarious Gen X dad who keeps it real about growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s. On Tiktok, the mid-tier influencer uses his “wise dad talks” to let today’s kids know what went down when his generation got a new bike, what toys they traded at school in 1986, and how to tell if you’re a true Gen Xer

Kecia Michelle 

Kecia is a wife, mom and fitness warrior who makes no apologies for making self-care a priority. On TikTok, Kecia can be found putting in work at the gym, feeling her Saturday mood and reminiscing about being a Gen X latchkey kid.  

Heidi M. 

Heidi is a Canadian entrepreneur who, along with her daughter, makes chemical-free bath and body products. She jokes about how her fellow Gen Xers view one another, proclaims her love for big ‘80s hair, and discusses the difficulty in navigating today’s fashion trends

Kelly Rizzo

Kelly is a Gen X actress, producer and creator of the web TV series “Eat Travel Rock.” Kelly is also a mid-tier TikTok influencer who shares food, fashion and lifestyle content with her followers. Whether she’s joking about the quality of today’s music, touring a Scottish castle or whipping up a pistachio smoothie, she’s always a Gen Xer at heart.  


If no one answers, second call is to the 70’s #90s #genx #90smusic

♬ original sound - Kelly Rizzo

Julie Anderson

Julie is an outspoken Gen Xer who shares wisdom and life advice with her followers. On TikTok, she shares a peek at her “OG” button-fly jeans, the importance of grabbing your food out of the microwave before the reminder beep, and the misunderstood humor of her generation.


Replying to @purpleghost28 we all need to practice our skills Hahaha #genx #generationx #genxers #genxtok #genxer

♬ original sound - Julie Anderson

Megan Barber

Megan is a wife and mom who loves Zumba and playing with makeup. Megan is a mid-tier TikTok influencer who shares a smokey eyeshadow tutorial, liquid lipstick looks for women over 40, and the benefits of growing up before the digital age documented our every move. 

Carmen Quintanilla Gollihar

Carmen gets the laughs rolling with her skits filled with ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia. On TikTok, Carmen treats her 1.1 million followers to the best vintage Halloween gear, scenes from an ‘80s video store, and how to tell if someone was rich in the ‘80s.   


Things I thought made kids rich growing up in the 80’s #retrotales #genx #80skids #richkids

♬ Material Girl - Madonna

Justin H. 

Justin is a Gen Xer based in Sydney, Australia. For his TikTok followers, Justin shares throwback items at his mom’s house that instantly take him back to the ‘80s (cassette player and VHS collection included) and his roundup of reasons why the ‘80s was the best decade for kids. 

Kelly Manno

Kelly proudly proclaims her Gen Xer status through tons of dance, comedy, and storytime videos. Kelly’s 2 million TikTok followers tune in to see her excitedly reacting to a personalized concert invite from Vanilla Ice, busting a move and sharing a photo montage of her “peaking” in the ‘90s.  


Dont say I never taught yall nothing. But can I get approval from the king @vanilla ? ☠️ #iceicebaby #90skids #genx #dance

♬ Ice Ice Baby Vanilla ice - Kelly Manno😎


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