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Gardening is one of the most entertaining and wholesome niches on social media. Influencers worldwide join to share their love for nature and teach others how to grow plants. The gardening niche is full of a community of influencers that are dedicated and passionate about all things organic. Here’s our list of top gardening influencers sharing their green thumb secrets.

12 gardening influencers on social media

Mary Vo

Mary starts the list out strong as a passionate container gardener and lover of all things organic. She has gained a following of more than 29.2K by encouraging others to grow their food. As a garden-to-plate enthusiast, Mary shares just how to grow your veggies and save some money.

Noah Young

As a Nebraska farmer with a passion for growing plants and veggies, Noah shares his farm life experiences. Noah has earned a following of more than 795.7K by showing his greenhouse and the different types of seeds to plant. Noah is a Nebraska resident who offers tips for keeping plants alive over the winter.

Angela Nickerson

This Colorado mom and author doubles as the queen of fun hobbies. From gardening, sewing and renovations, Angela packs her feed with projects to try. She gives more than 17.3K followers a glimpse into her greenhouse and advice on caring for plants.

Madeline — madelinetriesherbest

Madeline, also known as the Gardening Gal, fills her TikTok with 95% plants, 3% cute animals, and 2% of nonsense. She has gained a following of almost 127K as an urban yard farmer who posts how to grow herbs and veggies.

@madelinetriesherbest Replying to @its.jordanfaith Here’s everything I grew in my 300 sq ft garden in October! Sorry it’s late 🎃 #gardening #gardentok #urbangardening #containergardening #organicgardening #urbangarden #containergarden ♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song - PeriTune

Arlene B.

Arlene joins the gardening influencer community as a Boston girl growing everything she can on her 1.5 acres. As a gardening, wellness, and lifestyle influencer, Alrene gives more than 10.1K followers a variety of content. From glimpses into her garden to yummy recipes she makes with fresh-grown food, Alrene is one of the best gardening influencers on TikTok.

Char and Marv — plantedinthegarden

Char and Marv are a power couple who share their love for all things green. They encourage more than 329.8K followers to grow a garden, eat good food and learn along the way. Their TikTok shows their garden and its fruits and veggies. Check out how they create delicious meals from the healthy goodness they grow.

@plantedinthegarden Grow food, anytime, any season. There are challenges to growing indoors and that includes dealing with pest. This winter season, we have managed pest issues by simply growing in hydroponics. Last year we grew in soil and dealt with gnats constantly. As an added precaution, we stopped overwintering outdoor plants inside the tent. We also grow everything from seeds. Ever since we switch to hydroponics, we haven’t encountered any bugs. This has been the best way to deal with pest management when it comes to indoor gardening. What is Hydroponic gardening? It’s basically growing food in water and liquid nutrients. When you’re growing in soil, there are microorganism that break down fertilizer into a form that is usable by plant roots. Plants grown in hydroponics will require the same nutrients, the difference is that they are already dissolved in water, so plant roots directly absorb them. We have been growing in Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic system. The basic idea is to use a deep container and fill it with water and nutrients. The roots of the plant are suspended in the water providing those plants with an easily bio-available form of nutrients. With the use of an aquarium air pump and airstone, plants roots will have access to oxygen. It’s really that simple and the @Vivosun official DWC Hydroponic System has everything you need to get started with hydroponic garden. The bonus with this system is that it comes with drip irrigation to circulate the water nutrient. I’ve noticed a boost of growth after using this setup. What can you grow in Hydroponics? You can grow many leafy greens, herbs, flowering and fruiting plants like tomato, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, squash and more. I highly suggest to not limit the way you can grow your food. Take a step outside the box and explore other methods to grow food. Experiment, have fun with it and learn! #dwc #hydroponics #gardening101 #gardentok #vivosun #lovewhatyougrow #sponsored #gardening #fypシ ♬ original sound - Planted in the Garden

Kristi Lap

The creator enjoys growing and cooking all kinds of food. Kristi is a gardening Instagram influencer who has a following of more than 3K. She posts her garden, favorite veggies, and fun cocktails for her followers to try.

Sabrina —

Sabrina lives by her TikTok handle, showing how to live a sustainable lifestyle with more than 178.1K followers. With a passion for healthy living, Sabrina packs her TikTok with tips for gardening and proof of her talent. In addition to her organic content, Sabrina often posts lifestyle content as she travels. you don’t need to wait till spring to start your gardening season, gardening season is here! i will be sharing what, how and when i plant in a gardening series 🥕🫑🥔#gardening #gardeningtips #seedlings #plantingseeds #gardening101 #beginnergardener #indoorgardening #growfood #ecotok ♬ original sound - Sabrina Sustainable Life

Chandamita Devi

As a mother and lifestyle blogger, Chandamita shares her passions for cooking and gardening. When she isn’t posting about her sweet family with her followers, Chandamita shares her harvesting experiences and favorite ways to grow her vegetables. Her entertaining lifestyle content and gardening knowledge have gained her a following of more than 7K.

Kevin — epicgardening 

With a solid following of more than 2.3M on TikTok, Kevin is one of the most popular gardening influencers on social media. Kevin aims to teach the world to grow. From vegetables to weed fertilizer tips, Kevin can help experienced and beginner gardeners.

@epicgardening It’s always a good time for a harvest after a big rain, the plants are lush, full of water. Best to head out before noon to get them at their most crisp! ##garden ♬ original sound - Epic Gardening

Sharon Williams

Sharon is the queen of fun hobbies on a budget. She has earned a following of more than 2K by sharing ways to create memories and hobbies to try. With a passion for gardening and sharing her plants with others, Sharon grows everything from succulents and lettuce to seasonal flowers.

Nicole Johnsey Burke

If you’re interested in getting into gardening, Nicole is the girl for you. She has gained a following of 184.4K by teaching others everything they need to know about gardening. From her first harvests of the season to how to build raised beds, Nicole packs her TikTok with gardening knowledge.

@gardenary Head to my link to grab your spot in today’s Free Garden Workshop-happening right around lunchtime. And find out why I’m planting sooo many plants 😅 Gardening definitely counts as your cardio so maybe we can count this workshop as our workout for the day!? 🤔🤔 This week’s workshop is in celebration of my new book Leaves Roots and Fruit and you’ll get a sneak peek inside the book-along with some huge takeaways you can use in your garden right now. Head to my profile, grab the link in your DMs and I’ll see you and your fit self today at noon. PS-did you know gardening really is good for exercise? Studies show you’ll exercise longer when gardening because you’re having sooo much fun-you don’t even notice how many steps you’re taking 🙌🏼 #gardenworkshop #gardening #vegetablegarden #kitchengarden #kitchengardenrevival #raisedbed #raisedgardens #leavesrootsandfruit #gardenmemes #gardenmeme ♬ original sound - Nicole Johnsey Burke

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