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Are you interested in tapping into the creative and vibrant French culture? Look no further than TikTok, where you can find many creative influencers from France. From fashion hauls and beauty tips to food hacks and amusing trend challenges, these talented influencers have it all. Here are some of the top French TikTokers to follow.

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12 French influencers sharing their lives on TikTok


One of the most popular male French social media stars, Noholito is an accomplished YouTuber who creates entertaining lifestyle content. More than 6.3 million TikTok followers follow along to view his exciting game-related content, product reviews, and the latest TikTok trends.


Je prank encore une fois ma mère (insta : noholit_o)

♬ son original - Noholito

Lena Situations

Lena is one of the most well-known French fashion influencers on TikTok, with more than 3.1 million followers. She shares her love of high-end fashion and her talent for styling pieces. From French fashion brands to her favorite worldwide fashion experiences, Lena shares creative style content.


Hate d’arriver en sueur au defilé 😍 @Dior

♬ son original - Lena Situations

Antton Racca

Antton is known for having one of the most exciting French pop-culture-focused TikTok platforms, with 5.4 million followers. Antton stays current with the latest films, French culture, gaming and tech. He makes French pop-culture references and interviews friends.


J’ai eu la chance (immense) de poser des questions aux acteurs du film Oppenheimer ainsi qu’à Christopher Nolan 🤯 #Oppenheimer #FilmTok Invitation non remunérée

♬ son original - Antton Racca

Diego Alary

Diego is a French foodie and professional chef with more than 3.4 million TikTok followers. He creates recipes that highlight foods from various cultures. His cooking tutorials show his latest delicious creations.


Île flottante salée idéal pour un brunch😋🧑🏻‍🍳🥓🍳

♬ Elegant and gentle, Boccellini's Menuet - Kohrogi

Marion Cameleon

Marion is a French beauty influencer with more than 166.1K TikTok followers. The professional makeup artist primarily shares her favorite bright and colorful looks through the easy-to-follow tutorials.

Jeanne Damas

Jeanne is a fashion influencer who was born and raised in Paris and uses her TikTok platform to entertain more than 25.9K followers. She shares her sense of style, runway experiences and fashion events. She shares insights into life in Paris and how she styles outfits when she goes out there.

Tibo InShape

Known for being one of the most popular French fitness influencers of all time, Tibo takes to TikTok to educate more than 10 million followers with his healthy routines and advice on health and wellness. His feed showcases his physique and how he stays fit.

Ellie Delphine

Based in Paris, Ellie is living the high-end fashion lifestyle. Ellie shares fashion commentary with over 27.2K TikTok followers. From the latest fashion shows and stylish outfits that hit the runway to her ensembles, Ellie’s content shows how she has become a well-known French fashion influencer.


Etienne brings French culture to users worldwide by sharing interviews he holds with the people of France. More than 2.5 million followers are drawn to the compelling interviews with French people.


Trouve la chanson sur #SpotifyFrance qui correspond à ces 3 mots 🎤 Vous aviez la ref ? #publicité

♬ original sound - Etienne

Manon Lagrève

Manon is a French influencer and foodie based in London who uses her TikTok platform to showcase French cuisine. The talented chef teaches her 358K followers everything from how to cook traditional French dishes to how to be a good French host.


RECIPE 🥗 The best melon and halloumi salad! Simple, fresh, delicious and super quick to make! Follow the video and ask questions in the comments ♥️ #frenchfood #frenchcuisine #melon #whatihadforlunch #frenchgirl #frenchlifestyle #frenchstyle #easylunch #lunchidea

♬ original sound - Manon Lagrève

Parys Batonda


Version plus détaillée sur ma chaine #parysbatonda

♬ original sound - Parys Batonda


As a five-time French freestyle soccer champion, Yoanna shares her athleticism and highlights the rich French sports culture for more than 4.1 million TikTok followers. Her audience sees her talent as a soccer player and life off the field.


La taille de l’ecran derriere 😍😍

♬ (It Goes Like) Nanana - Edit - Peggy Gou


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