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Four Types Of Videos That Boost Brand AwarenessIf someone asked you to list the forms content marketing takes, what would you say? Most likely you’d rattle off things like blog posts, feature-length articles and how-to guides. These answers are all correct, but it stands to point out how rarely we associate video with content marketing.

A well-created video can boost your brand awareness and increase engagement. To get your video mojo moving, here are four examples of videos that can elevate your business or product.


Some businesses have a clear-cut purpose or product. The Home Depot, for example, can be generally defined as a home improvement store, but not every business can be summed up in a few simple words. A video explanation can be a good way to educate your customers about exactly what your business does and what products you offer.

Chuck McLaughlin, who owns McLaughlin Investigative Group, a professional private investigative firm, had a video created to do just that.

“Hollywood and TV shows like Cheaters can give people the wrong idea about the business,” he says. “Educating the public and possible customers about what services a professional investigator can offer has been very helpful.”

Explaining what a business does is one thing, but explaining the benefits of working with the company takes the video one step further. Ebyline has a video on its homepage that not only explains the company’s purpose, but also highlights the advantages of working with the company.

Ebyline – Quality Content Made Easy from Ebyline on Vimeo.


Every business wants to shout about how great their company is, but one of the most effective ways to spread the news is to let others do it for you, Director of Marketing Communications at Halogen Software Connie Costigan says.

Halogen uses testimonial videos like this to propel its brand.

“Halogen is a customer-intimate company and believes that customers are our most important brand advocates,” Costigan says. “Simply put, articulating business benefits and outcomes is far more impactful and believable when it comes from the voice of our customer.”

Useful advice

The ultimate purpose of any content should be to provide value to your audience. Videos with useful advice can go a long way towards building your business reputation. Halogen teams up with experts in the field to offer videos that are full of real-life advice.

“We believe that this type of cobranding with thought leaders strengthens our credibility as a solution provider, and helps to educate our prospects and customers across a range of topics they’re interested in,” Costigan says.


You can show your customers exactly how to use your product with a quick video demonstration. For example, on the Hamilton Beach website there’s a 50-second video that explains who to use a single-serve coffee maker.

A video like this shows the product in action and reinforces how easy the product is to use. That information could be just what the customer needs to make the purchase.

Tips to create a stellar video

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most popular kinds of marketing videos, here are a few tips to get your started:

Have a goal

What do you want your video to accomplish? You need the answer to this before you start planning anything. Each video should highlight one specific goal.

Expect a commitment

Don’t be fooled, Costigan says, making videos isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes time and effort to plan a video’s intent, create a script, coordinate interviews, set up gear, shoot the video, edit it and get it online.

Keep it short

The point of a video is to connect with your customers in a quick and creative way. Notice the word “quick.” Most videos are between 2-5 minutes in length.

Work with professionals

Sure, smartphones can capture video in an instant, but is that the kind of quality you want associated with your brand? Costigan suggests working with an experienced video crew to get the video done right. Short form video is fine for Vine and Instagram, but make sure you know your audience.

Prepare interview questions

If you plan to interview someone, prepare a list of thoughtful, open-ended questions, Costigan suggests. You want to go in prepared if you’re planning to get useful answers for your audience.

Does your company have a great video? Share the link in the comment section below and tell us how it helps your business.