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Years ago, becoming a filmmaker meant moving to Hollywood for a shot at breaking into the industry. Today, budding filmmakers are on TikTok. The channel is ideal for aspiring filmmakers to share short clips of their work or for experienced filmmakers to provide helpful tips and advice.

10 filmmakers who are leveraging TikTok


Using a steadicam, this Los Angeles-based filmmaker shoots everything from short, real-life scenes to tutorials that can help other filmmakers. The steadicam itself is a pretty cool piece of gear, and he shows his 1.2 million TikTok fans how it works. Most of SteadiRed’s TikToks are split screen, so you can see what he’s doing and what he’s shooting.


Hard at work. check out my hands or the arm holding the rig. #steadired #camera #behindthescenes #steadicam #film #cine #cinematic

♬ Beggin' - Måneskin

Hallie Tut

At 15, Hallie fell in love with photography. Known for her vibrant shots, the teen eventually gravitated toward film. Today, she devotes her time to creating some mind-bending shorts for TikTok, like this video of a man going through a mirror or this creepy headless Halloween clip. Her unique style has helped the Toronto resident capture the attention of big brands.

Zach King

One of the most popular TikTokers with 67 million followers, Zach King is known for his illusions. Back in the day when Vine was the go-to video channel, Zach started shooting and sharing sleight-of-hand tricks that dazzled the masses. Now, Zach has moved his magic videos — like this one where he makes a lighthouse disappear — to TikTok. He regularly reveals behind-the-scenes clips that show the filmmaking that goes into each trick.   


The #lighthouse keeper’s job never ends

♬ original sound - Zach King

Jessica Iliana

A young filmmaker offering tips to others, Jessica teaches people what it’s like to be a DP (Director of Photography). Her 75K TikTok followers see a wide range of clips, from the best gear to use, ideal techniques and tips to make every film unique. Her “Best Cameras for Filmmakers” is a popular TikTok, as is her “How to Write a Script” clip.

Sarah Kambe Holland

Sarah’s current project is Egghead and Twinkie, a grassroots, crowd-funded indie film that explores race, teen sexuality and self discovery. Sarah raised $22,000 on Seed&Spark to get the film off the ground. The movie’s TikTok account is full of behind-the-scenes clips and funny cast videos. It’s a great way for indie filmmakers to understand the process of making a movie


drop a comment down below and maybe we can get carlos’ dance moves to be a daily vlog bit 🕺🏼✨ #eggheadtwinkiefilm #indiefilmmaking #queerfilm #lgbtq

♬ Up Beat (Married Life) - Kenyi

Erin McGoff

An NYC-based filmmaker and documentary director, Erin McGoff inspires filmmakers to stick with their craft — even when they fail. She gives lists of jobs in the industry and tips on how to get started. Filmmaking isn’t the only thing Erin posts about, though. Her 1.8 million TikTok fans also get to see her personal side.  


if you’re always succeeding, you’re playing it too safe. fail fast! 💨 #filmschool #learnontiktok

♬ original sound - Niqqi Tee

Christina Dobre

For a good mix of industry advice and insights from a real filmmaker, head over to Christina Dobre’s account. Christina, a NYC resident, shares seven things she wished she knew before she became a filmmaker and how to stay hydrated while on set. She also shares behind-the-scenes clips of projects that she’s working on.


#duet with @euphoriaxhbo if this ending sequence didn’t leave you SPEECHLESS!!! 😩

♬ All For Us - from the HBO Original Series Euphoria - Labrinth & Zendaya

Full Time Filmmaker

Want to take a class to sharpen your shooting or editing skills? Full Time Filmmaker is the place to go. You can take one class or pay for a membership to access 500-plus tutorials. TikTok serves as a promotional tool for the classes, with short informational clips like, understanding focal length or tips for wedding videographers.  

Benson Quach

Get your film-tip-fix with Benson Quach, a full-time producer and AD. Benson shares explanations and tips for beginners, like different types of C-stands and how to use flags. Tips on using a walkie talkie on set and the number of batteries needed to get through the day are among his many popular TikToks. 


Interested in special effects? Josh Watson, aka Joshvfx, is the guy to follow. His 7.5 million TikTok followers get to see lightning course through his veins and a lot of funky effects on dance videos. The 21-year-old Californian’s flashy effects are certainly attention grabbing, like this lightsaber battle that broke out in a parking lot. 


Found these weird glow sticks #starwars #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound - josh


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