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Looking for a woman to collaborate with on social media? Look no further. IZEA has a robust network of experienced, engaging female influencers you can work with today. From beauty and fashion influencers to wild schooling advocates and RV remodelers, here’s a look at some female influencers you can connect with.

Top female influencers with profiles on IZEA’s Marketplace

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Yzobel (pronounced eye-zo-bell) posts about lifestyle, wellness, and personal growth. Her feed is a curated collection of her daily life, including a recent celebration for her 27th birthday. She shares wellness routines and personal developments, too.

Marina Ann

Marina is an Instagram influencer based in NYC, with 109K followers. She shares tips on how to maintain healthy hair, as well as simple self-care tips, like how to apply these cute nail stickers for a quick glam up.

Jessica Human

An advocate for wild schooling and free range kids, Jessica showcases family travels on Instagram. From hikes in North Carolina during sunset to a trip to New Zealand, this influencer enjoys outdoor adventures, family time, and photography.

Rachel Chen

Rachel is a Chicago-based travel influencer with 3.2 million followers. From ski trips in Jackson Hole to unobscured spots to snap pictures of the Eiffel Tower, this influencer’s Insta feed is a collection of the bucket list places to travel. 

Jennifer Lane

A beauty and fashion influencer from Chicago, Jennifer shares various outfits for busy moms. Whether she’s offering fashion inspiration or showing off matching mommy-and-me ideas, this creator’s feed is full of vibrant posts. 

Molly West

If you’re looking for beauty recs, Molly is the woman to follow on TikTok. Her 60K followers flock to her channel to get honest reviews of drugstore blushes and her thoughts on a viral curling iron.

Farrah Malala

Want to fly over Denali and land on a glacier? Farrah has done it – with her young daughter in tow. This D.C.-based travel influencer’s Insta is full of fun and inspiring travel ideas, like a recent trip to Olympic National Park.

Ava Redding

A travel influencer with a preference for camping in the outdoors, Ava’s TikTok is full of unique spots to visit like this glamping spot in Ithaca, NY. She recently bought a 1995 pop-up camper for $900 and is working to remodel it

@avarredding Trailer Reno Ep. 1 | Renovating this 1995 pop up camper for the summer! Follow for part 2! #CapCut #trailer #diy #camper #remotework #travel #homeonwheels ♬ I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS

Alison Spencer

A Utah mom with a love of travel, Alison focuses most of her content on airline deals. Known to her 11K Instagram followers as saltyflights, she posts hot fares and snaps of her family trips

Ifeoma Ojukwu

A lifestyle and fashion influencer, Ifeoma, known to her friends as Oma, loves a pop of color in her wardrobe. Sporting bright pinks and oranges, this New Jersey-based mother of three embraces all things festive.

Dr. Kim Van Dusen

Kim is a child play therapist and a parenting expert who offers tips to help busy moms and dads. From creative and budget-friendly art ideas to sleep habits that keep your energy levels up, fans get valuable advice in their Insta feeds.

Asia Zuk

Asia is a young fashion influencer sharing creative and fun looks with her 202K followers on Instagram. From outfit inspiration for spring break to trendy ways to dress down a silver sequin dress, she has lots of advice. 

Nadezhda Kuleshova

With 228K followers on Insta, Nadezhda blends fashion and art into each of her posts. You won’t find her modeling outfits in front of the same white wall daily. This Orange County resident embraces photography skills to showcase unique images, experimenting with angles, composition, and light

Lilian Melchert

A Brazilian-born influencer living in Los Angeles, Lilian focuses on lifestyle and travel content on Insta. Her 1.4M followers gravitate towards her channel to see where she’s off to next. A recent trip to Rio and scuba diving in Cancun are some of her latest adventures.  

Zanaba Hudson

Known to her TikTok followers as ZanZan, Zanaba is Jamaican travel influencer and avid flag collector. For her 22K followers, she offers tips like things to do in Paris and her favorite travel apps

Stephanie Margarucci

Known to her TikTok followers as BeastEater, Stephanie has amassed 20M followers on TikTok where she features snippets of her life. Fans watch as she gets a tattoo in Japan and roses on Valentine’s Day made from Legos.

Bebsabe is a Venezuelan-Colombian actress and model living in Toronto, Canada. With an Insta audience of 176K followers, her audience tunes in for life updates like ringing in the New Year and visiting the Louvre.

Jenna Johnson

Jenna’s bio describes her as a “crunchy Texas mama of four.” The influencer works to ditch toxins in products that she uses everyday. She introduces her 81K followers to clean products, like this toothpaste and shares natural remedies for kids.


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