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Dogecoin may have started as a joke between software engineers, but the meme coin has evolved from a satirical form of payment to legitimate cryptocurrency. In fact, thanks to the attention given to it by billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, it’s an accepted form of payment by a number of high-profile companies, including Tesla, Dallas Mavericks, Newegg, and SpaceX. Of course, the novelty of cryptocurrency makes it a bit harder to understand than cash or credit cards. Terms like “blockchain” and “merged mining” are complex, leaving the bulk of consumers left scratching their heads about both how to invest, what to invest in, and whether investing is worth the risk at all. That’s where these Dogecoin influencers come in. 

10 Dogecoin influencers keeping followers informed on trends, news, and markets

Kenneth Moran

Within months of creating his DogecoinRise Twitter account on Jan. 2, 2021, Kenneth had more than 450K followers, which he used to promote the Doge Conferences. He posts about his own purchases during crypto market dips, shares news about developments in Dogecoin, and the future of cryptocurrency. One of his most retweeted posts was when Elon Musk announced that Tesla was going to start accepting Dogecoin as payment for some of its merchandise. 

Jenny Q Ta

After selling her crypto commerce platform CoinLink to HODL Assets, Jenny took over as the COO. The cryptocurrency guru cites Dogecoin as “the most fun crypto” but is careful to only share facts and upcoming crypto-related events — not recommendations for people to “buy the dip.” She frequently posts responses to Elon Musk’s tweets about Dogecoin.

Mike Davis

Mike’s YouTube account is dedicated to all things cryptocurrency with a focus on Dogecoin. He posts about how Dogecoin is affected by everything from the federal inflation report and Elon Musk’s role in the crypto’s success to relevant news that could affect Dogecoin, like AMC’s decision to start accepting the crypto as a form of payment. Mike even shares insights about why he buys Dogecoin during its dips.

Kriss Krypto

In addition to posting videos about Dogecoin’s price rising and falling, Kriss teaches his followers about important topics. Followers learn more about crypto wallets and fees, crypto taxes, and why some crypto increases in price while others lag behind. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, check out his video about common industry terminology.

Roger Garcia

Roger’s frequent uploads include videos on investing — including crypto — that offer beginner-friendly information. His insights on Dogecoin include predictions about recoveries after dips and time-sensitive news for investors, like the time Dogecoin’s software update-caused issues on Binance. His detailed analysis of Dogecoin’s price helps his YouTube followers make their own decisions about when to invest.

Michael Whitman

Michael knows that making money in the crypto market can be hard, but he believes that anyone can do it with the right education and tools. His videos take his followers through the latest changes to Dogecoin prices and how to plan a swing or long-term trade. If you’re curious about how Elon Musk’s tweets about Dogecoin affected its market, check out Michael’s video on “Why Did Dogecoin Pop?”  

Kevin Roose

On Feb. 6, 2021, Kevin created a YouTube channel and announced that he planned on becoming the first Dogecoin millionaire. By May, he was featured on CNBC for reaching his goal after studying cryptocurrency for one week. As a self-taught investor, Kevin is quick to point out that he doesn’t consider himself a guru, but he enjoys talking about cryptocurrency, including celebrities’ endorsement of Dogecoin.

Travis Martin

Travis has helped thousands of traders and hedge fund managers trade crypto and now he’s sharing his knowledge with his 44.6K YouTube subscribers. He explains indicators that predict Dogecoin pumps and drops, including the Elon Musk endorsements. Travis is candid with his audience, telling them when and why he buys Dogecoin.

Matt Wallace

Matt’s Final Stand YouTube channel is the largest Dogecoin community on the internet, so it’s not surprising that 250K subscribers rely on it for the latest news about the cryptocurrency. Whether it’s about the possibility of Robinhood going out of business or that Tesla’s decision to accept Dogecoin may lead to bigger and better things, Matt has the insider scoop. Be sure to watch his interview with the mailman who made $20 million in five months.

Elon Musk

Since the creation of Dogecoin, few people, if any, have influenced its market value (and in fewer words) more than billionaire Elon Musk. When the business magnate tweets about Dogecoin — to say that his company Tesla will accept the crypto as payment on some merchandise or he’s thinking of starting a new university whose tuition is in Dogecoin, the market soars. In an interview with Time magazine in December 2021, Elon said that Dogecoin is “way better than crypto coin” when it comes to transactions per day and later that month he tweeted that he was “pro Doge.”


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