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What originally attracted you to the IZEA community and how did you find out about it?

I found IZEA through a few blogger friends of mine. They liked the fact that you could set your own price. I have enjoyed the people that I have worked with within the company. They have been very friendly and it feels much more personal than other companies I have worked with.

Describe your blog in 140 characters or less…

My blog, like life, is about balance. I adore cooking with fresh fruits and veggies, but I have never met a mac and cheese I didn’t like!

What inspires you to blog?

I began blogging as an outlet while I was recuperating from my breast cancer surgeries. My kids had been encouraging me to do it for a long time, but I didn’t believe anyone would really want to read what I had to say. Once I started I fell in love with it. It became a passion to me. My readers are like my family now and I can picture them in my kitchen, sitting around the table as I create new, exciting, and delicious recipes for them to try.

Do you ever get stumped for what to write? How do you overcome this?

Writers block is so frustrating, but I usually just step away from the computer when it happens and do something that will fire that passion back up. Getting into the kitchen and cooking, playing with my new granddaughter, or just spending time with my family are all things that help me recharge and get my creative juices flowing again.

What is the coolest thing your blog has helped you do?

This year I was able to travel to Sacramento to follow the vine to table journey for one of my favorite brands, and will be traveling to Ohio in November to spend 4 days with several bloggers that I have known online, but never met face to face, working with a brand that we all love. We will be learning about, cooking, and eating some fabulous food. It doesn’t get much better than that!

What do you love about IZEA?

I love that they really appreciate the work that the bloggers put into their posts. I have had some pretty bad experiences with other companies.

What has been your favorite IZEA campaign?

I have enjoyed working with all of the brands I have worked with, but have worked with Hormel on several occasions. My family especially loved the campaign when I made nachos for dinner. Love it when I can make a brand AND my family happy!

How do you actively stay engaged with your audience?

I post on a regular basis, and stay active on my social media channels. I respond to emails and comments as quickly as possible. If it wasn’t for my readers I would have the ability to do what I do, and I love hearing everything they have to say.

What tips can you give other bloggers that can help set them apart and stand out?

I would say to find your own “voice”. When I first started I thought that I had to “sound” a certain way. But your readers will know if it is really you or not. I use slang, emojis, and run on sentences, that is just me. Your readers want to know who you are so they can feel like they know you, and in turn can trust you.

Complete this thought: If I could, I would…

It is funny that you asked this question because my kids and I were just talking about how we wish we could buy 5 acres of land and build 3 houses so we could all have our privacy but still live “together”. They of course expect to be invited to dinner every night!

You might need an extra acre or two, Bobbi….because we want to come to dinner too! Check out all of Bobbi’s delicious creations here!