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ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that more influencers are opening up about on social media. While ADHD is usually found in childhood, it often continues into adulthood and can go undetected for a long time. Common signs of ADHD, according to the CDC, are not being able to pay attention, losing your train of thought quickly and having trouble controlling certain behaviors. More content creators are sharing their struggles with ADHD on social media, helping others with similar symptoms who can relate and offering each other tips. While this content doesn’t replace professional medical help, these content creators create a community for people with similar experiences.

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9 influencers sharing their ADHD experience

Ellyce Fulmore

Ellyce is an Instagram influencer, financial business owner and adult living with ADHD who shares her unique experience living with this disorder while running a business. She’s a Canadian with almost 35K followers, and she has a full highlight divulging her stories with ADHD. She even shares tips on how to manage money more efficiently with ADHD.

Olivia Lutfallah

Olivia is a TikTok creator with ADHD who has amassed almost 328K followers on the platform sharing her experiences. She has a playlist called “Relatable ADHD Things” with videos that have millions of views from others who feel just like her. She shares different tips that help her on her neurodivergent journey that will hopefully help others who feel the same.


What tips do you use when you feel overwhelmed cleaning?🤔 #adhd #adhdtiktok

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Chalene Johnson

Chalene is a well-known business owner with over 780K followers on Instagram, where she shares how she is successful with ADHD. She believes that ADHD is a super power for other business builders and that easily distracted people make the best entrepreneurs. She shares funny quotes, more about her life as a business owner, and how she deals with ADHD urges while running successful businesses.


ADHD advocate and TikTok influencer Lindsay has 62K followers and counting on the platform. She shares different traits and “toxic habits” she has because of ADHD, but also tips and tricks. Her content is full of humor and relatability for everyone wanting to live a happier life.

Patricia Sung

Patricia provides real advice specifically for moms living with ADHD on Instagram. She has 24K followers who return to her page to feel seen and heard. She provides ADHD quizzes and has a podcast called Motherhood in ADHD.


Moms with ADHD, you are my people! Let's get your life together, together. Follow for ADHD support #adhdwomen #adhdmom #motherhoodinadhd #adhdmomsoftiktok

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Kelly Baums

With 357K followers on TikTok, Kelly is another ADHD influencer who has stepped into ADHD coaching to provide even more help to those living with the disorder. She has an entire playlist with ADHD tips and is constantly uploading free content about ADHD.

Kamden Hainsworth

Another coach sharing tons of ADHD tips and tricks is Kamden on Instagram. She has over 42K followers who keep coming back to understand more about themselves from Kamden’s ADHD work. Her videos and posts are there for all those living with ADHD not to feel so alone.

Dr. Sasha Hamdani

Sasha is a board-certified psychiatrist who has taken to TikTok to talk about ADHD. People love learning from her, which is apparent since she’s grown to over 900K followers. She shares a few funny videos but primarily focuses on life with ADHD and things like vitamins and sensory activities to help with symptoms.


If the information wasnt so sound i would have thrown my phone into a river bc i am gasping at how cringe this dancing is. GASPING. #drsasha #adhd #adhdtiktok

♬ original sound - Sasha Hamdani MD

Richard Pink and Roxanne Emery

The page ADHD Love on TikTok is run by Richard and Roxanne, two people living with ADHD. They’ve also written the book “Dirty Laundry”  which is a witty guide to living with ADHD. The two have over 789K followers on TikTok and share tons of funny ADHD videos, relatable content and tips.

More people are sharing their experiences, giving space for those around them to feel less alone.


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