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Welcome to the picturesque world of Colorado, as seen through the lens of its top Instagram influencers. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and dynamic culture, Colorado is a haven for creative minds and adventurous spirits. These influencers have harnessed the beauty of the Centennial State, capturing its essence while building a loyal following. Check out our list of top Colorado Instagram influencers.

15 Colorado Instagram influencers

Kaitlyn Chaffee

Kaitlyn is an Instagram influencer (who also has a popular TikTok account) who focuses on mental wellness, lifestyle and mom content. She has almost 9K followers and shares the real side of life, like having to cut out toxic friends and family and being grateful for where you are.

Chase Brownell

Based in Denver, Instagram influencer Chase shares fashion, travel and lifestyle. She has 57.8K followers on the app and founded The Bench, a dating app. She also works with brands to share their fashion pieces.

Andrea Coonrod

With 171K followers on Instagram, Andrea is a motherhood influencer who shares her life, home decor and fashion. Her style and love for life in Colorado is evident in all of her posts.

Jennifer Wilde

Jennifer is a Colorado micro-influencer sharing life in the beautiful state. A self-proclaimed animal enthusiast and nature lover, Jennifer’s Instagram is filled with her nature photography, occasional portraits and other beautiful photos.

Ryan Cook

Ryan is a fashion photographer and video producer of short films who has grown his Instagram following to 23.7K followers. He shares unique, beautiful Reels with styling tips and skincare tricks for men.

Khilah Ayr

Micro-influencer Khilah loves sharing lifestyle and fashion in Colorado. She’s also a UGC creator. She posts product reviews and bright, beautiful Reels.

Raven Vignati

Raven is not only a Colorado Instagram influencer but also an Army K9 handler and mother. She has 30.7K followers on Instagram and frequently shares unboxings, life as a mom and brand partnerships.

Sarah St. John

Sarah is a nervous system and somatic coach who lives in Colorado with her family. She shares her life and coaching tips on Instagram with her 30.4K followers. She’s a mom and author who lives with chronic illness. She considers herself a mentor for sensitive souls and those living with big feelings.

Jessi Jean

Jessi is a coach in Colorado who helps women find food freedom from diet culture and binge eating. Jessi is also a new mom and shares her realistic journey of finding peace and joy in this new season of life. Jessi has 157K followers. 

Julia Parzyck

Julia is another Colorado native sharing her journey on her Instagram page, Fit Fat and All That. She has 148K followers as a confidence coach and inclusive stylist. Julia educates women and girls on how to let go of diet culture and find their real, authentic lives. She loves to dance and smile and encourages other women to do the same, regardless of their body.

Chloe Gottschalk Bounds

Chloe is a pregnant mom, fitness enthusiast, food lover and business owner. She has 336K Instagram followers and shares her life in Colorado with her family. She shares her outfits, favorite foods that her husband usually makes her and life as a mom.

Mikaela Shiffrin

Olympic Gold medalist Alpine ski racer Mikaela lives in Edwards, Colorado, not far from where she grew up. She’s a two-time Olympic champion and a seven-time world champion with 1.4M followers on Instagram. She has partnered with brands including Bose, Land Rover USA, Oakley and Adidas.

Taylor Chamberlain Dilk

Taylor is a Colorado influencer and co-founder and CEO of the workout clothing brand Vitality. She shares plenty of Vitality clothing hauls with her 708 K Instagram followers, but she also shares her real life as a mother

Leah Behr

With 33.7K Instagram followers, Colorado influencer Leah is a Colorado Springs Realtor who helps people find homes in the area. When she’s not sharing homes on the market, she’s sharing things to do in Colorado Springs and spotting cool, new local businesses.

Bre Patterson

Bre is a food, wine, lifestyle, wellness and travel influencer with 28.5K followers on Instagram. Bre is also a yogi, skier and crafter. The Denver-based foodie will share the best places to eat and her favorite family-friendly activities.


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