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Chicago has become a hotspot for influencers of all niches, from Chi-town locals sharing their favorite spots around the city to fashion influencers modeling stylish looks. Influencers share what makes the city so fun, including classic meals and iconic tourist destinations. Take a look at the top Chicago influencers sharing their love for the Windy City.

Top Chicago influencers sharing their lives in the city

Rachel Chen

Rachel is a luxury style and creative lifestyle influencer with over 3.4 million Instagram followers. This trend-setting millennial, who has a degree in actuarial science, shares fashion tips and works with various brands. She has earned the title of one of Chicago’s top influencers by sharing her lifestyle and love for luxury travel.

Alexys Fleming — Madeyewlook

Alex is the voice behind @madeyewook. She’s a Chi-Town makeup artist who specializes in body paint. Her 986K followers love her ghoulish Halloween looks as much as her whimsical costumes. Her YouTube channel provides narrated tutorials on how she achieves such intricate designs and has around 2.59 million subscribers.

Rob Scallon

If you’re into the Chicago music scene, Rob is a must-follow. This multi-instrumentalist usually has a guitar in his hands and has been known to make an axe or two himself and share the process on Instagram. Aside from his guitar-making abilities, he releases tunes, too.

Kit Graham — the kittchen

A full-time mom and part-time lifestyle blogger, Kit shares a little bit of everything with her 47.3K Instagram followers. From cute snaps of her kids to Chicago restaurant suggestions, she is a relatable influencer who regularly engages with her fans and shares what life in Chicago is all about.  

Jennifer Lake

Jennifer, a Chicago-based fashion and travel model, posts captivating images on Instagram. Lake finds vibrant backdrops for her shots and loves to showcase her travels and trendy outfits all around the city for more than 181K followers.

Rebecca Peroulas

Rebecca is a mom to three teenagers who calls the Windy City home. This micro-influencer has a quirky spirit and shares posts about her family. Her decision to stop coloring her hair and embrace her silver strands inspires her followers. She also shares family-friendly foods with almost 6.4K followers.

Helen Berkun

Helen is never in one place too long. The fashion and travel influencer’s Instagram feed is full of glamorous on-the-go snapshots. Whether sporting her favorite #berkunstyles on the beach or flashing a hot summer look in an urban setting, Helen keeps 76.6K followers engaged with her luxurious life.

Christine — thechicagogoodlife

Known on Instagram as “the Chicago Good Life,” Christine is a lifestyle and food influencer who shares her love for the Windy City with more than 67.9K followers. Christine encourages followers to get out and explore Chi-Town with posts from delicious Chicago restaurants and bars and urban snapshots of the city. She also shows family-friendly activities and events and has been featured in local news segments for her gift guides and tips.

Alex Stewart —sassyconfetti

As a body-positive queen and lover of fashion, food, and frivolity, Alex shares all the fun. From tasty snaps of food at the best Chicago restaurants to helicopter rides and all the things you need to add to your Windy City bucket list, Alex is a sassy influencer with an audience of more than 55.9K followers. Check out our Q&A with Alex.

Cara Obiala

Her Instagram name — Marvelous In the Midwest — says it all. Cara is a Chicago-based influencer who shares mom life in the Windy City, her favorite current styles, and her experiences as she travels the world with her family. Cara shares her stylish looks with more than 53.5K followers.

Jessica Sturdy

Jessica creates content about stylish outfits to wear in the Midwest, tasty meals and recipes, and hotspots around Chi-Town. Jessica shares her lifestyle in Chicago with more than 85.5K followers, exploring the best of the city.

Ruda Khan — mygourmetstory

Ruda is a Chicago-based recipe developer who shares her “gourmet stories” with more than 27.1K followers on Instagram. Her creative recipes and detailed restaurant reviews make her feed a mouthwatering sight and excite her followers for the next tasty displays of her talent.

Ashley Albritton

Ashley is a knowledgeable Chicago foodie who entertains more than 5.6K followers by becoming their go-to guide for all the hidden gems in Chicago. Her tasty advice also catches the attention of more than 24.6K TikTok followers.

Joanna Manning

If you’re looking for a taste of Chicago and some positivity, Joanna is the creator for you. As a girl mom, Joanna relates to mothers and families and fashion lovers with the creative, trendy outfits she shares with more than 14.4K followers.

Izabella — izka_chicago_

Izabella is a Chicago blogger who shares fashion, food, and lifestyle content for over 17.2K followers. Izabella is a Polish influencer who often showcases her family and their lives in the Windy City. Her Instagram serves as a guide for those looking for fun places to visit and eat in Chicago.

Sophia Ford

As a Chicago-based lifestyle creator, Sophia uses her Instagram as her digital diary to document her experiences in the Windy City. Sophia is a micro-influencer with more than 2.9K followers with whom she shares her favorite outfits, beauty products, and more.


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