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Welcome to the sizzling world of grilling, where flavor meets fire and influencers are turning up the heat. If you’re a marketer looking to tap into niche markets or a social media user seeking to elevate your grilling game, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to twelve of the most influential grilling enthusiasts who are not only masters of the grill but also have a strong online presence. These grilling gurus are making waves in the digital space, sharing mouth-watering recipes, invaluable tips, and engaging content that resonates with a dedicated and growing audience.

Top grilling influencers on social media

Malcom Reed

Malcom is one of the most popular grilling creators on TikTok, with over 1.8M followers who enjoy his descriptive grilling tutorials. Malcolm shares recipe ideas — from classic barbecue tips to Habanero Pepper Glaze for lamb — and professional advice from an accomplished griller and foodie.

Maciek — grillinwithdad

Back in 2017, Maciek, created the popular Grilling With Dad platform to highlight his delicious recipes and share his passion for grilling with his followers. He shares recipes, tips and tricks for all kinds of meat that his 1.2M followers can enjoy and recreate.


Burger season is here and today we made chorizo and beef cheeseburgers. I went with 6 oz of pork chorizo and 12 oz of 80/20 ground beef. Mix it all together, shape your patties, season with my Taco rub and pop it in the fridge for 30 minutes or so. This will help firm them up and they will be less likely to crumble on the grill. For the topping, mash up 2 avocados, 2 tbsp diced fire roasted tomatoes, lime juice, more Taco rub and salt. It’s a like a creamier guacamole and perfect for burgers. I grilled the patties on my @webergrills kettle with @kingsford . Direct heat side first for 2-3 minutes per side and then indirect heat side to finish. Add your cheese of choice, toast the buns, and assemble. And these turned out delicious! Adding that chorizo brings so much flavor. Be sure to give this one a try. #grillinwithdad #burgers #grill #bbq #cheeseburger #tasty #recipe #easyrecipe #dinneridea

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Derek Wolf — Over The Fire Cooking

Derek is a fire-cooking enthusiast who has gained the attention of his 785.5K followers by sharing his creative meals and how he cooks delicious barbecues. The griller showcases his latest rubs, recipes, and mouthwatering food.

James Brown — GrillNation

James has drawn a large following by showcasing not only his recipes but the memories he makes through grilling. His audience of 1.7M TikTok followers is treated to his unique rubs, techniques, and tasty content.

Matt Pittman — Meat Church

Matt is the brilliant grilling enthusiast behind Meat Church. He uses his platforms to share his passion and knowledge of fire cooking, from classic brisket to more unique meals like Fried Bologna Sandwiches. Matt has gained over 872K followers on Instagram.

Miguel Raya — Cooking With Fire

Known on Instagram to his 2.3M followers as Cooking With Fire, Miguel is an accomplished griller with not-so-traditional recipes. His unique taste shines throughout his feed as he highlights chicken cheesesteak sandwiches and cheese and prosciutto-stuffed skirt steak

Brandyn Baker

Brandyn is all about grilling up some comfort food and delicious content for his Instagram followers. He shares posts on classic burger recipes for this summer and much more.

Katherine Salom — Girl Gone Grilling


Embark on a flavorful journey with me as I cook up an entire meal on the pellet smoker! 🔥 From succulent chicken breasts to sweet potatoes, and smoky veggies – it’s a wood-fired feast you don’t want to miss.🍠 And let’s not forget the secret ingredient to this magic – @Bearmountain BBQ Gourmet BBQ pellets.🪵 Join me in elevating your grilling game and savoring every smoky bite, find Bear Mountain’s BBQ pellets on store shelves nationwide and online at Academy !👌🏻#ad #bearmountainpartner #BearMountainBBQ #pelletgrill #pelletsmoker #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #healthycooking #easydinner #easyrecipe

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Benjamin Kendrick

Benjamin is the ultimate barbecue enthusiast who shows interesting ways of cooking meats. He has 572K followers who learn about brisket, grill maintenance, his favorite seasonings and rubs, and more.

Jake Fullington

Jake is a griller and a paramedic who draws a unique crowd with his tasty recommendations and sweet personality. He posts detailed explanations of how he creates his favorite meals.


These pork shots are a summertime BBQ favorite of mine! The @grillpinz make it so much easier than trying to use toothpicks! I know I ain’t going back!! #thatswhereitsat #bbqwithbigjake #grillpinz #fyp #tiktokshop #bbq #smoker #smoke @Grillpinz

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Chuck M — chucksflavortrain

With his appearance on the Food Network, Chuck is an expert at cooking barbecue, and his 2.6M followers can agree. His classic barbeque fills up his feed, providing his followers with mouthwatering inspiration.

Jack Mancuso — chefcuso

Jack shares that he is “NOT a chef, just a guy in his backyard” and his 3.3M followers on TikTok love it. Jack shares unique versions of barbecue. From pistachio-crusted lamb to bourbon salt prime rib, Jack shares it all.


Hot Honey Bacon Jam Salmon 🐟

♬ original sound - Jack Mancuso


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