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In an ever-growing landscape of craft beers, influencers serve as important resources for connecting brands to their target audience. Here are 15 of the top beer influencers online who find and sip unique brews, provide behind-the-scenes looks at brewing methods, and visit well-known breweries. Read on to find out which influencers can connect your brand with passionate beer lovers in meaningful ways.

Top 15 beer influencers

David Heath

Qualified master brewer and product tester David has been brewing beer for more than 35 years. He’s generous with his knowledge of recipe design and brewing techniques and has drawn nearly 56.8K subscribers on YouTube. If you’re looking for tips on co-fermentation or canning, or want to hear brewing system reviews, David has plenty of videos, as well as Q&As.

Ryan Milligan

Known to his Instagram followers as “The NH beer guy,” Ryan tries local breweries and samples many beers from New England. From fruit beer to an IPA, he’s willing to taste them all. This beer influencer is quite a photographer, too, with impressive product snaps and backgrounds that are just as eye-catching as the beer.

Megan Stone

Megan, whose preferred pronouns are they/them, is a traveling brewer, consultant, marketer, and speaker who dedicates their Instagram account to showcase beer brands, spread awareness about marketing to gender non-conforming beer drinkers, and share stories about people in the beer industry. They highlight trips to visit hops growers and have served as a judge at industry tastings. In 2020, they won the Craft Beer Marketing Awards’ “Woman (/Person) of the Year” and has only continued to share her success with her followers ever since.

Steve Wilkes and James Spencer

This dynamic duo make some of the most unique small-batch brews — like rosemary lager and passion fruit pilsner — that they sample in videos. There are entire playlists dedicated to Kveik and Scandinavian beers, sour and tart beverages, and food pairings. If you want to learn about no-chill or parti-gyle brewing, or something as bold as Count Chocula Milk Stout, join their 25.2K YouTube subscribers.

Tanya Lawrence

Known by her 50.4K Instagram followers as “Craft Beer Queen,” Tanya travels to breweries and distilleries all over the country. She spotlights beer brands with detailed flavor descriptions and posts beer giveaways for her fans. Beer lovers looking for recommendations for gluten-free brews, insane flavor combinations, or the best places to sample flights follow her Instagram.

Julie — craftbeerdeer

Julie is truly living the dream, combining her three loves — photography, travel, and beer — to create content for her 36.4K Instagram followers. Whether she’s celebrating women in the industry, finishing a day on the slopes, or just chilling by the water on an island off the coast of Mexico, she’s usually enjoying a beer. Follow her for beer festival giveaways and to learn about beer-related advocacy that gives back.

Jake — girlnamedjake

Jake’s 41.9K Instagram followers know they can count on three things from her content: beer recommendations, adventures, and her dog, Nala. She visits breweries and pubs to showcase brews and raises awareness for underserved groups by promoting beers that donate to important causes. Because she lives on an island, she sometimes gets friends to “mule out” beers for her to sample.

Alyssa— southernbeergirl

Although Alyssa works as a head brewer in Denver, this Southern beer lover still travels to sample brews and educates crowds about working in the industry. She shares her knowledge about carbonation, harvesting hops, and recipe development with her nearly 35K Instagram followers. Alyssa also promotes and collaborates with projects that raise funds for underserved groups.

Jennifer Alexander 

Describing herself as “pint sized and full bodied with a hoppy attitude,” Jennifer is a busy mom who always finds time to highlight a variety of beers on her Instagram page. She spotlights new releases and brewery stops on her “beercations.” Although she sometimes promotes non-beer drinks, the majority of her posts are focused on beers and beer festivals and sharing discount codes for box orders. 

Jackie Dodd-Mallory

Cookbook author and photographer Jackie is a unique kind of beer influencer: She cooks with it! With recipes for such delicious treats as Hobo Cookies with Beer-Candied Bacon and Super Soft Bourbon Beer Cookies, the only thing better is washing it down with the remaining featured brew. While there are plenty of desserts to be found, you’ll find enough beer-inspired meals to last you all year.


Melis is a powerlifter and strength coach who loves great beer. Her 105K Instagram followers tune in for detailed descriptions and recommendations on dark beers, IPAs, and Belgian-style sour ales. Best of all, because she loves to travel, Melis gets to sample beers from a variety of countries, including Guatemala, Canada, British Columbia, the United States, Belgium and Turkey.

Pete Brown

Popular on TikTok as “Craft Beer Pete,” this beer influencer showcases his favorite craft beer brands and drinks for more than 17.5K followers. His page describes each of his favorite craft beers through a series of posts that describe the taste and features that make them so delicious.

Doug Veliky

Known on TikTok as the “BeerAficionado,” Doug has caught the attention of more than 40.7K followers by sharing his knowledge of the business of beer. The beer enthusiast and influencer uses his platform to share everything from perfect pours and all of his latest favorites.

@beeraficionado Reposting this video from last year for the trolls who hate my Pittsburgh/Spanish pronunciation of Modelo #beer #millerhighlife #modelo #coorsbanquet ♬ original sound - BeerAficionado

Larry McCallister

With one of the most popular brewing pages on TikTok, Larry shares his passion for creating great beer and teaching others how to make their own fermentations. More than 154.3K followers know him as the “Home Brewing King” and enjoy his series on beer knowledge, beer pairings, and insight into his Brewshed build.

Russell and Emily — The Beer Travel Guide 

Dynamic duo and beer lovers Russell and Emily run a successful blog and TikTok known as The Beer Travel Guide to more than 16.4K followers. With fun playlists on the ABCs of great breweries and the best breweries to visit per city, the duo have gained the attention of many and continues to do so with their entertaining reviews and tastings around the country.


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