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Astrology has been around for over 2,400 years. With TikTok becoming incredibly popular in the last few years, astrology TikTokers have made their debut. So why is astrology so popular anyway?

Astrology is a way for people to better understand themselves and increase their own self awareness. When it comes down to it, we’re all looking for ways to understand ourselves better or to feel like we “fit in.” These top astrology influencers on TikTok share funny or insightful content on Zodiac signs and all things astrology.

7 astrology influencers to follow

Maren Altman

One of the original astrology TikTokers, Maren Altman is “your personal poet for the stars.” Maren shares weekly astrology updates, big shifts that are happening, how to manifest with astrology and so much more. Now with over 1 million followers, Maren has also started talking about crypto and how she ties that into astrology.

Nick Grigolia

Nick Grigolia, better known as your Zodiac Boyfriend on TikTok, shares humor-filled astrology content for his followers. Nick shares funny videos showing how each zodiac sign might act. For example, this video shows the hilarious difference between Earth and Water signs when it comes to love.

Julia Kelley

With 366,000 followers, Julia Kelly is another popular TikTok astrologer with an account called Your Mom’s Horoscope. Julia shares weekly astrology updates and what you can expect during different moon cycles as well as humor-filled content showing the good (and sometimes bad) sides of each sign.


This Friday is going to bring things full circle for a lot of people 👀 💫 #horoscope #astrology #mercuryretrograde

♬ Oblivion - Grimes

Indigo Selah

Indigo Selah is a popular astrology TikTok account sharing all kinds of pertinent astrology updates with her almost 545,000 followers. Indigo occasionally brings in popular pop culture and Gen Z content and connects it with astrological insights. 

Alyssa Sharpe

Alyssa Sharpe is a professional astrologer who has taken her talents to TikTok. Alyssa shares a lot about finding love using astrology and the dos and don’ts of certain astrological events. If you’re looking for helpful astrology information or just an occasional zodiac chuckle, Alyssa’s space is perfect!


Reply to @aliceswonder369 here you go! 8th house stuff #astrology #astrologytiktok

♬ original sound - Alyssa Sharpe

Owen Pierson

Actor Owen Pierson is an astrology lover and shares funny astrology updates from a man in a suit. Owen’s relatable videos have over 4 million likes because who wouldn’t feel seen (or even a bit triggered) by their zodiac sign being called out?

Zodi Hackz 

While we don’t know the name behind the Zodi Hackz account, we’re so happy it exists. It started as a joke but now with almost 257,000 followers, Zodi Hackz shares videos about each sign’s toxic traits, soft spots and other rankings. You’re sure to find something you relate to, making Zodi Hackz content shareable and popular with almost 9 million likes.


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