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Influencers from around the globe are shaping trends, driving conversations, and influencing purchasing decisions. Among them, Greek influencers are making a significant impact, bringing unique perspectives and engaging content to the digital sphere. If you’re a marketer looking to tap into new markets, or a social media user seeking fresh voices to follow, this blog is your gateway to understanding the top Greek influencers making waves on social media. 

10 Greek influencers to know

Mara Samartzi 

Mara is a Greek beauty and lifestyle YouTuber and influencer. She has grown her YouTube channel to 251K subscribers and Instagram to 111K followers. You can find her working with popular brands like Estee Lauder and sharing her product empties.

Konstantinos Vasalos

Another Greek influencer to follow is Konstantinos. His Instagram is filled with his travels around the world and throughout Greece. He has 470K followers following along for photos and Reels where he’s working with brands like Violife.

Danai Barka

Danai is a Greek actress who shares her life online with Instagram and TikTok. She shares some sneak peeks of her on-air personality and travels to places like Romania.

Vassia Kostara

Vassia is the owner and designer behind the Greek brand Vassia Kostara Limited Collections. She shares her love for fashion and favorite products with her 347K followers.

Vladis Brando

With 478K followers on TikTok and 257K on YouTube, Vladis is a popular Greek influencer who does funny skits on both platforms. His followers love coming back to see what he will get up to next, like a ”Mean Girls” skit or trying out spicy foods.


Κάνε ταγκ τον φίλο σου 😂

♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος - Vladis Brando


Sensei is big into calisthenics and is in the Greek army. He shares different strength and workout videos with his 481.9K followers on TikTok. His videos will inspire you to build your strength and take care of your body.

Greece Explores

The Greece Explores Instagram page is the perfect Greek influencer to follow if you want to learn more about the beautiful country. They share different things to do and the best places to stay if you’re coming to Greece.


Stefanos is a Greek travel photographer and a Visit Serifos Tourism Committee Member. He’s grown his platform to 281K followers who follow along for beautiful, colorful peeks into the gorgeous Greek islands. Being from Greece, many of his recommendations are different than what you’ll get from a tourist account.

Maria Tsoukala

Maria has another Greece travel account on Instagram and shares videos and photos of Greece through her eyes. She’s based in Athens and is the Editor-in-Chief of More Trends magazine. You’ll find the quintessential photos of the white, blue and bright-colored flowers of Greece on her page. She has 76.6K followers on Instagram.

Mixail Aggelos Kritikos

Model and world traveler Mixail is another Greek influencer to follow on TikTok. He has 409.8K followers, and he shares funny videos and even does crazy stunts around the world and in Greece.


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