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This month, the team has been busy enhancing the experience for our Shake users by making it quicker for Shake Sellers to create an amazing Shake listing, and adding functionality for Shake Buyers to search for the perfect Shake listing!


Create a Shake from Instagram

We’ve made it quicker than ever before to create a Shake – just use your Instagram! Shake users can now create a complete Shake listing from their Instagram handle. To do so, login to Shake here, create a new Shake listing, and enter your Instagram handle to build your Shake based on the content you post. We’ll do the heavy lifting and get your perfect Shake set up, customized just for you. All you need to do is review and submit! 

Shake Marketplace Filter 

There are tons of great Shake listings available, from adorable dogs to high quality photography. To make it easier to find the perfect Shake, Shake users can utilize our new Marketplace Filter to customize Shake results to fit their exact specifications based on follower count, price, location, or vertical.