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This month, we’re Shakin’ with delight, not fright!  Plus, IZEAx Discovery Marketers got some fresh updates as well.  Check out the treats (no tricks!) below.


We are excited to continue to grow the Shake marketplace in preparation for launch!  Whether you’re a Creator or need creative services, we’d love to have you join our Shake family by visiting  Best of all, if you already have an account with IZEA, you can sign in with your existing account.

Looking to Create?

Build out your Shake storefront by filling out your profile and creating listings, called Shakes, for your services.  Shakes can include Influencer marketing offerings, like sponsored Instagram posts or TikToks, virtual appearances, like fan Zoom calls and virtual conferences, or content creation services, like video editing or full song production. Whatever you create, you can list it all on Shake!

When you’re done, you can share the public links to your Shakes on social media or with potential Buyers.

Looking to Purchase Creative Services?

Browse or search our ever-growing collection of Shake offerings that you’ll soon be able to purchase. Sort by category, price, or date added, or click into a Seller’s profile to see all of their available Shakes.

Tutorials and Support

Check out our new Shake Knowledge Base and Solution center at!  While Shake is intuitive and easy to use, it’s a great place to learn more about Shakes as well as find tips and tutorials for getting started, such as:


Upgraded IZEAx Discovery Lists

IZEAx Discovery Marketers can now enjoy our enhanced Lists design when managing their Creators!  You’ll see the same helpful Creator information at a glance, including:

  • Creator tags showing their most relevant categories
  • Platform bubbles representing their relative reach across their accounts
  • Content samples highlighting their personal aesthetic and style
  • Follower, Sponsorship, and Engagement metrics summarizing the quality of their influence