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This month, the IZEA team is thankful for our users and the opportunity to continue to build exciting new solutions for them.  We’re pleased to announce that Shake® is officially open for business!


The Shake Marketplace is officially open for all buyers and sellers!  Buyers can access the site to purchase sponsored social posts, content creation, virtual appearances, photography and more.  Sellers of all types, including influencers, creators, photographers, musicians and more can list their skills for sale as Shakes.  The purchasing process is optimized with IZEA’s virtual assistant, ShakeBot, for a seamless in-platform experience from purchase to content delivery.

Highlighted Shakes

ShakeBot Order Chat

Once you’ve picked out the perfect Shake, it’s time to make a purchase. IZEA’s brand new ShakeBot technology allows you to seamlessly walk through the entire transaction flow through the chat experience. 

You can buy or fund Orders via ShakeBot, as well as communicate with the Creator in the chat at any time.  The revision and delivery process all go through ShakeBot, and you can always check your Shake progress on the “Order Status” panel on the right.  For more details on buying your first Shake, please see our article on Buying Your First Shake.


Enhanced Draft Downloads

We know it’s important for Marketers to have as much information as possible in your Drafts.  We’ve filled out Draft downloads to include:

  • Deliverable and Unit names – Easily identify which Draft content you’re looking at.
  • Embedded Draft images – No more links!  See images right in your downloaded files.