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Ease of use is top of mind at IZEA, and throughout June we’ve added several new functionalities to make it easier for our unique customers to execute their tasks effectively. These new features include contract updates, messaging improvements and download improvements for Shake customers, as well as email improvements and UTM tagging for Discovery and Unity Suite customers.


Shake Buyer Contract Updates

In an effort to improve flexibility, we’ve added functionality for Shake Buyers to create contract updates as necessary in a Shake order. These contract updates can include additional delivery days, additional revisions, or a combination to account for any changes to the deliverables. For more information about contract updates, please read this article.

Delete and Edit Messages in Order Chat

We understand that users may occasionally send messages by mistake or need to adjust something they’ve said. To help streamline our messaging service, we’ve added the ability to edit, delete or highlight messages in Shake to make any changes, delete messages as necessary, or highlight important messages the user may have missed. 

Download all Delivery Method 

Receiving content deliverables is an essential part of influencer marketing. On Shake, we’ve made it even easier to receive content from Shake Sellers by adding a download all delivery method that allows users to download all submitted files into one, convenient zip file. 


Bulk Email Improvements 

To improve bulk-email functionality, we’ve added additional flexibility in formatting to adapt to any email client. Marketers can now specify the format they want the Creator emails to populate in their email client. For Marketers who are unsure of their email client requirements, we’ve added help text to clarify which format they may want to use.

UTM Tagging

Measuring the success of an influencer marketing campaign is an important element of any initiative. To make it easier for Marketers to measure the success of campaigns on their own platforms, we’ve added the ability for Marketers to add UTM codes to our tracker links so that they can better track conversions and ROI. For more information, please read this article.

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