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We’re constantly working to improve the experience of our users, and this month IZEA has been committed to starting off the new year strong. We’re excited to share the Shake Review process that fuels our curated Marketplace and improvements to our verification process for Marketers.


The Shake Marketplace features our array of curated Shake listings from influencers, content creators, artists, musicians and more. Each Shake is individually reviewed for quality and completeness to ensure the best user experience for our Buyers and Sellers.

The Shake Review Process

After a Seller has signed up, they create Shake listings for each service they’d like to showcase in the Shake Marketplace. Once they create a Shake, they’re Shake is submitted into the Shake Review process. During this time, a member of the Shake Team individually reviews each listing to ensure quality and completeness. If any changes are necessary, the Seller will be notified via email and see the “Changes Requested” button appear next to their Shake. Once they’ve made the changes and resubmitted the Shake for review, our team will approve it and publish the Shake to the Marketplace! You can sign up as a seller and create Shakes here:


Manual Verification Improvements

Ensuring that the content submitted from a Creator is the same as the content that gets posted is vital for any influencer marketing campaign. IZEA has added new improvements to our manual verification process to make it easier for Marketers to verify content that requires manual review and Creators to fix any issues on their end. These updates include:

  1. Improved flows for expired connections IZEA manual verification
  2. Additional visibility for verification errors: A Creator will now see verification errors and can correct any issues. Both Creators and Marketers can rerun verifications on a unit.
  3. Enhanced communications: A Marketer is now able to notify the Creator via email if a unit returns errors. This email will link the Creator directly to a page showing the errors and an option to reverify.
    IZEA manual verification