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Product Update Sections:

Happy New Year!  The IZEA team has lots of exciting new things planned for 2021, and we are committed to continue delivering amazing experiences and features to our users.  To kick off the year, we’ve created a Shake credit program for small to mid-sized businesses, amped up our metrics capabilities for Promoted Posts, and added new ways to engage Creators.


The Shake Marketplace is officially open for all buyers and sellers!  Buyers can access the site to purchase sponsored social posts, content creation, virtual appearances, photography and more.  Sellers of all types, including influencers, creators, photographers, musicians and more can list their skills for sale as Shakes.  The purchasing process is optimized with IZEA’s virtual assistant, ShakeBot, for a seamless in-platform experience from purchase to content delivery.

SMB Credit Program

For a limited time, Shake is offering a $250 credit to Small-Midsized Businesses with under $1B in annual revenue to spend on the Shake platform! To be eligible for the credit, you must have a Shake account under your business name and email. The credit can be applied towards any Shake purchases and expires after one month.  Apply now at


We know that amplifying great Creator content as paid media plays a huge role in many marketing campaigns, so we’ve added some valuable new features to Promoted Posts.  Marketers can now take advantage of:

  • New, self-service exportable promoted metrics report
  • Triple the amount of insights and metrics available for promoted posts in the exportable report
  • Direct, in-platform surfacing of ad approval statuses from Facebook, including reasons for rejection

Creator Emails and Activations

Engaging a Creator one of the most critical parts of an influencer marketing campaign.  We’ve now given all IZEAx Discovery and Unity Marketers more ways to activate Creators through our platform.  Marketers can now:

  • View any Discovered or Opt-In Creator’s email address in their flyout profile (when available)
  • Email any Discovered or Opt-In Creator directly from the IZEA platform (when available)
  • Filter Creators in VizSearch by email availability