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We Launched The Creator Marketplace®!

As you might have noticed, the new is now The Creator Marketplace experience, where brands and agencies can easily search and filter creators for their influencer marketing campaigns. 

Revamped features for marketers and creators

Reimagined creator profiles give you access to more content and deeper BrandGraph insights than ever before. Creator profiles bring together a creator’s social handles, the brands and topics they post about, and audience demographics. 

The all-new Casting Calls feature gives marketers and creators a two-way marketplace where they can find each other and collaborate. You can use Casting Calls to request pitches for everything from influencer marketing sponsorships to full-time jobs. Creators can respond to Casting Calls with video or text pitches and respond to your survey questions. 

Casting Call

Ready to try it? You can access the Marketplace for free to buy or sell listings. Upgrading to a Pro plan provides additional marketplace benefits.

Go to to sign up!