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Our latest IZEAx release is directly in response to our customer feedback. We’ve enhanced the way that Marketers interact with Creators when engaging in Invite Only opportunities. The goals of this work were to ease the burden on Creators when taking Direct Offers and to help make Creator’s intentions more transparent to Marketers.

Creators are no longer required to create content before accepting a Direct Offer. This will allow Creators to state their intentions quickly so Marketers do not have their Campaign Funds tied up in Offers that may not be accepted.

We’ve also combined Open Bidding and Direct Offer Negotiation into a single tab called “Negotiate”, and removed the need for Marketers to re-confirm a price that a Creator has already accepted.

These new capabilities come with some UI tweaks that we believe will further streamline deal flow for both Marketers and Creators, and a pass over ensuring that email alerts are properly triggered to both parties when a Creator accepts or declines a Direct Offer.

The New Year is here and will bring many exciting updates to IZEAx. Check back here for more updates, or if you would like to join us for our largest unveiling of updates coming to the platform, register today for IZEAFest.

Try out these new features today, log-in or sign-up and see what IZEAx has to offer.