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IZEA is constantly pushing code to improve both its user experience and quality of Content and Influencer Marketing campaign execution through its IZEAx ecosystem. Here’s what’s new in IZEAx 2.8 product updates:

Account Dashboard Improvements

The marketer experience in IZEAx is now better than ever. This release upgrades the account dashboard where you can view a list of all of your campaigns. All of the improvements have been made across sponsorship and content sides of the app.

IZEAx Product Update 2.8 Marketer Dashboard

Filtering & Bulk Actions

Filtering allows you to quickly focus on the campaigns that need your attention. Bulk actions are also available to archive old campaigns and to email campaign analytics.


Pages no longer reload when moving in and out of campaigns, and when switching between various tabs within a campaign. This upgrade drastically improves the speed of the app.

Campaign List

Campaign lists now have a new column called actions, representing the total number of actionable offers, whether bids or content reviews, that a campaign has available across all its opportunities. Campaign lists are also now searchable and sortable by creation date, available budget, actions, published offers, and missed offers. Plus, campaign analytics can be emailed with the click of a shortcut button in the drop down on each row of the list.

ContentAmp Analytics Export

ContentAmp marketers can now export CSV file of their analytics for their account, a project, or a specific article. This functionality mirrors sponsorship analytics and provides marketers an easy way to integrate ContentAmp data into 3rd party tools.

IZEAx Product Update 2.8 ContentAmp

In addition to standard ContentAmp metrics, the analytics files include extended reach for Twitter, impression data for Facebook, and all earned clicks.

ContentAmp on Android

A new version of the IZEAx app on Android now features ContentAmp. For the first time, creators can participate in ContentAmp opportunities on their Android devices, just like their iOS counterparts.

This release brings Android and iOS closer in feature parity. From now on, new functionality will be simultaneously released for each device.

Facebook Branded Content for ContentAmp

This smaller release brings the Facebook Branded Content functionality to ContentAmp with posts programmatically updated with the appropriate Facebook-specific disclosures.

Stay tuned for future product updates, and, as always, Champion the Creators!