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The opendorse Network Joins the IZEA Exchange, Creating New Opportunities for Brands to Connect With Athletes and Their Fans

ORLANDO, FL- opendorse, the athlete endorsement marketplace, today announced it has selected IZEA, Inc. (OTCQB: IZEA), the leader in sponsored social, to leverage their Exchange platform to expand its social sponsorship campaigns at scale across multiple platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.

By joining IZEAs Exchange ecosystem, opendorse is able to further monetize the social presence of its clients and create a wider variety of paid sponsorship opportunities. opendorse specializes in athletic endorsements and maximizing how athletes and agents work with brands to reach and engage key audiences. It recently entered into a strategic partnership with the NFL Players Association and now represents some of the America’s most socially engaged and influential athletes.

“Our team is incredibly excited to partner with IZEA. Ted Murphy and the entire team continue to push the industry forward, and opendorse is proud to help IZEA tap into the power of the athlete endorsement industry,” Blake Lawrence, CEO of opendorse stated. “We believe understanding and activating digital influence is the future of marketing. By teaming up with IZEA, we have a partner that shares our beliefs, and can help bring the athlete endorsement industry into the digital marketing era.”

“This partnership will create new sponsorship opportunities with brands who value my social media influence,” said Golden Tate of the NFL Detroit Lions. “I am able to select the brands I want to work with, and provide my fans with an authentic endorsement in a way that is safe, easy and transparent.”

IZEA has facilitated more than 3 million sponsored social transactions, allowing social media content creators to earn sponsorship income from brands. The company’s Exchange ecosystem provides partners like opendorse the opportunity to expand their reach to a larger network of buyers and sellers. The opendorse network of athletes can receive sponsorship opportunities from the entire network, and opendorse can use the platform to augment sponsorship campaigns on behalf of their advertisers.

“In order for this space to grow, we need to make it easier for brands and their agencies to buy social sponsorships efficiently and at scale. In the same way that display ad networks came together through ad exchanges, IZEA is bringing together the world’s leading influencer networks, publishers and broadcasters,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “We are delighted to announce opendorse as a partner on the Exchange and we believe our advertisers will be eager to tap into their network.”