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Orlando, Florida (November 9, 2020) – IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, announced today that it has secured a mid six-figure contract with a branch of the U.S. military. The contract represents the largest award IZEA has received from a federal agency to date, following a string of successful influencer marketing campaigns for a variety of state and local government agencies.

Earlier this year IZEA was awarded a campaign by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to drive awareness and education about the benefits of wearing a mask to reduce the spread of COVID-19. IZEA utilized influencers to combat common misperceptions about masks as well as address and overcome the ideological positions put forth by those who oppose wearing masks, an ongoing challenge for states across the country.

“We are excited to see our federal government more aggressively investing in influencer marketing. It is a clear sign that influencer marketing is now mainstream and a key component of any marketing strategy,” said Ted Murphy, IZEA’s Chairman and CEO. “Our team is proud to support efforts to raise awareness for the military and we look forward to launching this initiative to educate and inform the public.”

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