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Paid Media Amplification of Sponsored Influencer Posts With the Click of a Button

ORLANDO, FL (February 10, 2017)IZEA, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), operator of IZEAx®, the premier online marketplace connecting brands and publishers with influential content creators, has announced Promoted Posts at IZEAFest 2017. The first of its kind service enables IZEAx marketers to programmatically increase the exposure of sponsored influencer content through paid media buys on the leading social networks.Promoted Posts

“The effective organic impressions on any social media post are a fraction of the potential reach that could be achieved with paid amplification,” said Larry Beaman, Executive Director of Strategic Planning at IZEA. “While brands commonly use paid buys on social media to promote owned content through their brand handles, the most effective content is still that which is created by influencers. Our new Promoted Posts service combines the best of both worlds: the engagement of influencer marketing with the reach and targeting available through paid placements on the social platforms.”

Content produced by influencers through IZEAx can now be promoted by simply clicking a button next to the post. Doing so allows the marketer to invest in additional amplification through paid media with dynamic audience targeting features. Marketers are able to evaluate the highest performing content within IZEAx, then pay to have that content reach more people – both in and out of the influencer’s sphere of followers.

Promoted Posts is possible through IZEA’s direct technology integration with the social network ad management platforms. Currently, brands are unable to promote an influencer’s post through a traditional ad buying platform.

Beaman continued: “We have seen engagement up to 10x of what brands typically see on a post promoted through their own social handles. Consumers like to engage with real people much more so than brands or companies. Promoted Posts helps marketers optimize their spend against the best influencer content and scale campaigns far beyond what was previously imagined.”

A new Promoted Posts dashboard will be added to IZEAx, providing a consolidated view of all content being promoted. The service is initially launching for Facebook, but will be social platform agnostic in the future, all within a single interface.

Promoted Posts is in beta and will be generally available in the coming months. To schedule a preview demonstration, visit

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