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Find the Perfect Influencers Faster

Upgrade to the Flex Starter plan

  • Search Through Millions of Influencer Handles
  • Use Advanced Search Filters
  • View Trending Hashtags
  • Search TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and More

Plans start at just $130/month
Plus Sales Tax

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Discover is Your Gateway into the Influencer World

Find your perfect creator with enhanced influencer search solutions powered by AI and machine learning.

 Platforms   Followers   Audience Gender   Audience Interests 

 Audience Age   Audience Income   + All Filters 

 Platforms   Followers   Audience Gender 

 Audience Interests   Audience Age 

 Audience Income   + All Filters 

Find the Perfect Match

Discover analyzes billions of pieces of content to predict which creators will best connect with your audience. Filter your search by platform, follower count, audience demographics and more.

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Gain Competitive insights

Take a closer look at competitor content and learn which brands influencers talk about most. Dive into a brand’s top connections, overall post sentiment, engagement rate, and more.

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IZEA Flex - Influencer Marketing - Discover

Find Out What Brands
They Mention

Find out who’s the talk of your industry. Discover shows you which brands an influencer mentions most over time.

Explore Categories
and Themes

Discover has BrandGraph built-in, which uses data and machine learning to group brands, mentions, topics, emojis, hashtags, and keywords into searchable super classifiers.

Get Inspired with Content Search

Discover lets you search through influencer images and video using specific keywords–like “pistachio”–as well as brand names and themes.

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The Flex Starter Plan Also
Gets you Access to:


Keep tabs on your influencer marketing network across the creator ecosystem, including creators, talent agents, legal reps and more.

  • Manage up to 1,000 contacts
Tracking Links

Start tracking the success of your influencer marketing campaigns including time on site, products purchased and revenue generated.

  • 50 Tracking links/month

Unify your data by integrating Flex with either Google Analytics or Shopify.

  • 1 Integration
    (Shopify or Google Analytics)

Put our social listening tools to work and start monitoring hashtags, keywords and brand mentions by creating a ShareMonitor.

  • 3 Active ShareMonitors

Store and monitor content with ContentMine and get real-time insights into the creator content you care about most.

  • 250 content pieces per month

Campaigns are the foundational layer for creating associations and grouping data sets. Quickly find the creators, content and insights to inform your strategy.

  • Unlimited Campaigns