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So, while the rest of us are here at IZEA’s Orlando headquarters working feverishly hard, our VP of Sales is off relaxing and sunning at a resort in lovely Costa Rica.  How cool is THAT?!  (Can you tell I’m envious?).  If anyone deserves some rest and relaxation, it’s Randy, that’s for sure!  Without him as our fearless leader of sales, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

PayPerPost (now one of several online properties of IZEA, Inc.) was founded in July of 2006.  Randy was hired in December of that year, and shortly thereafter he hired his first PayPerPost sales employee, the one and only Mr. Joe Vaughn.  Today the Sales Team totals 9 people!  Randy has more than 27 years of success in traditional and new media advertising sales and management, including former roles as a VP of Sales for, and Director of Sales at  We know he’s one of the best in the business, and we’re fortunate to have him as a part of our IZEA team!

While on vacation in Costa Rica, Randy still checks his e-mail and stays up to date on important issues going on at the office.  He also sent us a couple of pictures, so I thought I’d pass them along for your viewing pleasure.

Check out this beautiful close up picture of a toucan.  (It makes me think of Fruit Loops!)


Being a Mother myself, I adored this picture.  Randy told us he adopted the baby.  Hopefully he knows how to change diapers!


What an awesome view from his resort room!  Can you see the volcano in the background?

Randy Volcano

OK, let’s make note of the Ohio State hat Randy is wearing.  He is a HUGE Buckeye fan!  Alas, Coach Jim Tressee’s team lost the National Championships 2 years in a row now – to LSU in ’08 and to Florida ’07 – but don’t tell Randy (shhhhhh).  Here’s a pic of Randy doing the Ohio State fight song.


I should probably stop now because if I reveal any more, I may be filing for unemployment in the near future.  Just kidding.  🙂  We’re IZEA!  We support each other and share each other’s successes and passions.  This is what we’re all about!