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From the vaults of “my personal opinion”:

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Or that’s how the saying goes. The truth is, a picture may sometimes only be worth a few words, so when that’s the case you certainly want them to be good ones.

So why is this relevant to Social Media? Well, millions of people use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites on a daily basis. And these people use social networking for very different reasons. But not everyone uses it as a personal branding tool, and for those of you who do listen up!

Can you say you’re consistent with your visual branding and presentation? I’m talking something as simple as a photo – a recognizable image that tells someone they’re on one of your sites regardless of the platform. In Social Media, in particular, your face is a large part of your brand – this is why you want people to have good things to say when they see your image. This also helps out when meeting your online friends offline, particularly for the first time. Networking events. Conferences. Tweetups. This is why consistency is so important.

I’ll use myself as an example, so you can see what I mean.





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This article recently posted on Social Media Today supports this, if not pertaining specifically to image branding but to content. It’s so simple and very convenient to change pictures & descriptions, and you certainly should if you’re wanting to freshen-up your social sites. Remember, though, if you’re using any of these platforms as branding tools, each site is a touch point for your readers. So if you do change a photo, be sure to change it across all platforms you use.