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Team IZEA has fully embraced the NFT space. In January, we began creating NFTs to mark important milestones for the company. We’ve been creating and releasing NFTs with most of our press releases for announcements, brand collabs, and all things in the creator economy.

The IZEA Collection

What’s the deal with our NFTs? IZEA is embracing the next chapter of influencer marketing. Our recent survey found influencers who participated want to know how they can make money in the metaverse and NFTs are one of many opportunities.

Our first NFT was titled Faucinating; it’s a motion graphic faucet to mark a contract extension with a Fortune 500 home furnishing manufacturer. It was quickly snatched up on OpenSea.

Motion Graphic Designer Christopher Craig designed this NFT and all others in the IZEA Collection from start to finish. 

“I liked the idea of being able to communicate ideas abstractly while incorporating elements from our brand, creating a distinct look in 3D space,” said Chris, IZEA’s motion graphic designer.

Each NFT took them about two days or less to complete. 

“Time is always a challenge. From concept to building to rendering in Cinema 4D, having a plan and sticking to it has been a recipe for success so far,” Chris said.

Super Start shows our superhero keeping watch over IZEA’s record-breaking start of 2022. It celebrated a major contract expansion with a Fortune 100 client to power influencer marketing for a highly anticipated movie release this year.

Another multi-million dollar contract awarded by a Fortune 10 technology company was commemorated with a spinning smartphone NFT cleverly called Game of Phones.

Chris’ favorite NFT to date, Cryptopig, was created for the exciting announcement that IZEA would begin accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for our influencer marketing services. The adorable pig was purchased by an IZEA team member. 

You’ll also find NFTs for two major influencer marketing research releases so far this year. Equality and Earnings mark our third State of Influencer Equality® report and our first State of Influencer Earnings™ report.

See our growing IZEA Collection NFTs on OpenSea at

Proceeds from IZEA’s NFT sales will benefit the #IZEACares Adopt a Family holiday donation drive. Last year we helped two families in need by buying items from their wish list of essentials and gifts, like toys for the kids.


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