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Our IZEA Flex team added a feature that helps users streamline their workflow: supporting assets in the ContentMine content management module. What are supporting assets? Here’s why they matter and how they can help streamline your campaigns.

Supporting assets are files that users can upload along with their content, such as raw images or metric screenshots. These assets can provide valuable context to the reader, enhance the user experience, and improve communication with clients and other team members. 

Sharing supporting assets with your clients is also made easy with Flex CoPilot. When uploading or editing content in ContentMine, our Managed Services team and agencies can quickly add supporting assets and store campaign documents together. 

IZEA Flex adds supporting assets feature to ContentMine

With ContentMine’s supporting assets feature, users can upload raw images, metric screenshots, and other files, providing valuable context and insights that strengthen their content and improve the collaboration process.

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