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So have you ever thought what your life would be like if you had to enter the Witness Protection Program?  Or what would be going on in your present life if you left?  What would happen at your job?  Your school?  Your neighborhood?  If you had to enter the Witness Protection Program where would you end up?  Would it be another city? State? Continent?  What would your name be?  What if it ended up being something like Ima Hogg, Dan Druff or even Anne Chovy?!  Eek!!

You can actually talk about what you think your life would be like in the Witness Protection Program and get paid for it!  How, you ask?  (I thought the same thing when I heard this sweet deal.)  There is an Opportunity in SocialSpark right now titled, ‘Hometown Hiding’ which requires you to create a post about the U.S. city you would choose to relocate to if you had to be moved as a part of the Witness Protection Program.  Also, there are some other Opportunities out there about this concept and this awesome new show In Plain Sight (go here to see them all).  You should really check this out – a fun concept and you get paid to do it!  What could be better?  (Maybe entering the Witness Protection Program and getting relocated to Hawaii?  Just a thought…)

If you want to imagine this even further you can check out the new USA Network original series, ‘In Plain Sight‘ Sundays at 10/9c.  The star, Mary McCormack portrays Mary Shannon, a US Marshal who works in the witness protection program – wonder what her job is?  She hides her witnesses… in plain sight.  I wonder what you need to put on a resume for a job like that?