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1. What originally attracted you to the IZEA community, and how did you find out about it? I found out about IZEA when I was first contacted about doing something for a Pier One campaign.  I didn’t do that one, but kept hearing about Social Spark from some of my blog friends.  I decided to officially sign up and I’ve been a part of IZEA for about 4 months now.  I have enjoyed the program a lot and the fact that there are such varied topics that are offered.

2. Why Southern Hospitably? If you mean, why did I name my blog Southern Hospitality?  Well, it’s because I’m a Southern girl, born and raised in the South and enjoy all that my Southern heritage brings me.  I enjoy sharing about the South on my blog, along with my family, food, shopping, thrifty decorating, and anytime I travel, I share all of those trips too.  I’m proud to be Southern

3. What’s been your favorite SocialSpark Campaign? The Hill’s Science Diet dog campaign was a lot of fun.  I featured my sister’s 2 doggies in the video and they got to benefit from the toys and action shots.  We had fun doing that one and putting it all together.  I loved getting the Sony video camera too, that was a nice bonus!

4. What inspires you to blog? I love sharing ideas and inspiration with others out there who enjoy the same things I do.  I’ve been online for over 10 years in many arenas of decorating forums, so blogging was a natural outreach with that.  When blogs began, I jumped on board in 2007 and haven’t slowed down since. It has now turned into my full-time business and I still love it so much. The community and friendships have been so rewarding too.

5. What’s one word of advice you’d give to bloggers who are looking to increase the quality of their content? Write from your passion.  If you write about things that you love and are passionate about, then readers will appreciate that and come back for more.  I think that is the key to successful blogging.  Writing about things that you love and enjoy, sharing with the blog community will come natural.

6. Complete this thought: If I could I would____. travel around to all the blog conferences all the time, blogging and meeting new friends.  Blogging has been so much fun for me!

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1. What originally attracted you to Sponsored Tweets? I believe in honest and transparent sponsored posts. Sponsored Tweets attracted me with its full disclosure with each tweet.

2. What has been one of your favorite campaigns to participate in? InColdStorage Vintage campaign donated 20% of its sales to saving shelter pets. I enjoy campaigns that donate portions of proceeds to good causes.

3. What do you love most about Twitter? I love Twitter’s ability to connect with so many individuals and receiving the latest news within seconds of something happening in the world.

4. Finish this: Without Twitter I would______. have less entertainment online.

5. What do you do to market yourself, and get new followers? I participate in several freelance writer communities. We are very good at supporting each other, re-tweeting each other’s links and helping promote our work. Joining Twitter-based communities, posting frequently on Twitter and taking the time to socialize are the best ways to make your account noticed on Twitter. Also, check each sponsored opportunity link before you post it to your account. Twitter followers appreciate honest links with quality information.

6. Any advice to other Tweeters on how to get more Sponsored Tweets Opportunities? Turn in your sponsored opportunities in a timely manner. Respect the advertiser’s time. Advertisers will in turn favorite your account and offer you more paid opportunities.


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1. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear WeReward? Cold, hard cash (well, the electronic kind, which works even better for me)

2. What device do you claim rewards from? iPhone 4

3. Where have you checked-in the most? I’m guessing Dancing Goats Coffee Bar or Stone Soup Kitchen, since the app no longer wants me to take photos at either place.

4. What’s been your favorite WeReward reward claim so far? Nielsen Mobile Rewards, since joining was worth 1000 points (and I keep earning rewards each month)

5. What company would you love to see using WeReward? There’s already a great selection of national retailers, but Lowe’s would be a good addition to that roster.

6. Most importantly, what’s your favorite way to eat bacon? That would be the tempeh bacon (known as BC) from local vegan meatery Gutenfleischers