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We held in event this past Wednesday in Chicago called Agency Bootcamp on Social Media. IZEA partnered with some of the social media heavy weights MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and CafeMom. The event was designed to be an educational forum to inform advertising agency planners, buyers and strategists, and marketers on how to effectively market, engage, start conversations about brands, products and services. We had 191 people register for the event online and had a turnout of around 120.
The feedback from the partners and attendees was the Agency Bootcamp was a
huge success!

View here the Chicago Tribune article!

We are currently in the process of planning this event in other key markets like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Michael Brito Social Media Manger of Intel was the moderator and the panelists included our own Ted Murphy, Tom Arrix, Facebook, Bryce Emo, MySpace, Kent Austermann, Bebo and Andrew Shue CafeMom. You may recall that Andrew played Billie on Melrose Place and his sister is Elizabeth Shue known for her roles in Leaving Las Vegas and Back to the Future.

Below are some photos from Agency Bootcamp.

View of the panel far in the back.
Agency Bootcamp - May 21, 2008 in Chicago

Andrew Shue of Cafemom & Kent Austermann of Bebo.
Agency Bootcamp, May 21,2008 in Chicago

View of the attendees at the event.
Agency Bootcamp, May 21,2008 in Chicago