Stephanie Lim is a highly skilled product videographer based in the United States. Known for her keen eye for detail and creative flair, she has carved a niche for herself in the competitive field of product videography. Stephanie's work is characterized by her ability to bring products to life through visual storytelling, showcasing their features in a way that is both engaging and informative. She has a broad range of experience working with diverse clients, from startups to established brands, across various industries. Her portfolio boasts a rich array of videos, each one reflecting her unique style and the distinct personality of the product she's showcasing. Stephanie's approach to videography is both strategic and creative. She understands the importance of aligning each video with the brand's identity and marketing goals, ensuring that every project she undertakes not only looks stunning but also delivers results.

Avg. Eng. Per Post
Eng. Rate
60 Second Product Video
30 Days Delivery
2 Revisions
Commercial Use
I'll shoot and edit a product shot for your product/brand! This Listing includes a finalized video that's one minute or less.
You Ship Me Your Product
4K Video Format
Stephanie Lim
Thanks for checking out my listing. Have any questions?
60 Second Product Video $200
30 Days Delivery
2 Revisions
Commercial Use
Subtotal $200
Total Delivery Time 30 Days
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