Revolutionizing Luxury: Join Our Campaign Promoting a Groundbreaking EV Model


We’re launching an exciting campaign on behalf of a prestigious American luxury vehicle division, a pioneer in the industry since 1902. This campaign promotes a groundbreaking EV mid-size model, the first in a series ending in “IQ”, symbolizing a harmonious relationship between humanity, nature, and machine.

Our primary objective is to elevate the profile of this innovative new model in the expanding EV market and boost its sales. We aim to position our partner as the first choice for luxury EVs. This campaign is designed to raise awareness, spark interest, and drive sales. We’re targeting creators who are early adopters, tech-savvy, and exude confidence in their choices. Our ideal creators are aged 35-55, college-educated and have the ability to encapsulate and demonstrate the spirit of luxury and innovation. The goal is to demonstrate how this vehicle can enhance everyday experiences and integrate seamlessly into a high-end lifestyle.

If you’re ready to be part of this exciting campaign and help us redefine luxury automotive experiences, we’d love to hear from you.

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