Video Asset Creation


This is an exciting opportunity at Delta Investment Tracker for young and savvy creators. We are actively seeking people to collaborate with us to create engaging videos.

The premise of this campaign is to pass on the message that only PROs use the Delta app, and explain at the same time how to use the app to its full potential. The idea is to have you record the scenes and provide the voiceover. You do not need to edit the footage; you just have to record the shots and send them our way.

We currently have some scripts that are very easy to work with, having detailed shot-by-shot descriptions. We are not opposed to hearing out your ideas and fitting the scripts to your style: we'd love to play to your strengths.

For each video, we are prepared to offer a fee of $500, which includes full media rights (organic and paid). If you are interested in this opportunity, we can proceed by having a call to discuss the details. We are open to discussing any specific terms or requirements you may have.

Looking forward to working with you!

The Delta Team

Type of Work
On Call
Due By
Cash (one time only)

If this Casting Call interests you, submit a Pitch and see if you're the perfect fit.