I'll create a delicious family recipe and share it with the world! I am a lifestyle content creator, so I will make my recipe blog posts look and feel easy to read and understand. My recipes always brings back childhood memories, and that's what cooking should always do to you! Let's get cookin'

Food Recipe Blog Post
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A food recipe blog post that is unique and different but that anyone can recreate! My recipes bring back childhood or travel memories from different places around the world that I have eaten and that still make my mouth water. My recipes are easy to read and straight forward and will focus on highlighting the main ingredient or product the brand wants to highlight.
Pinterest Amplification
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For every Blog Post, I will create a Pinterest Amplification to increase reach and bring more audience to the recipe page and backlinks.
Carolina de Mauro
Carolina de Mauro
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7 Days Delivery
3 Revisions
Commercial Use
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