I will create photos of food/products as seen on my Instagram @plant.well! I am a passionate food and product photographer who loves being as extra as possible, and bringing my photos and videos to life by integrating props and going above and beyond with everything I create. I specialize in brand/food photography, recipe development and "Tasty"-style recipe videos.

6+ Food Images
7 Days Delivery
2 Revisions
Commercial Use
Professionally styled and shot photos of your food product! I'll create 6+ product shots that are styled, edited and shot by me. If you have specific props you'd like included in the shoot, please send those along with the product. If you'd like your product shot in a created recipe, I can create a recipe as well.
You Ship Me Your Product
Cooking & Food Prep
JPEG Format
Creation of Custom Recipe
Post to Instagram
0 Days Delivery
(pertains to vegan products only) I will post the content I make onto my Instagram feed/stories as well as a caption, tag and link to you!
Caitlin Conner
Thanks for checking out my listing. Have any questions?
6+ Food Images $500
7 Days Delivery
2 Revisions
Commercial Use
Subtotal $500
Total Delivery Time 7 Days
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