Hi, I'm Billy Parisi. I'm Billy Parisi, a classically trained culinary school graduate from Scottsdale Culinary Institute with over 15 years in the restaurant industry and over 25 years of cooking experience. I create all of my content in my studio where I teach fundamental cooking techniques and then apply those to homemade food from scratch recipes.

Youtube Video
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Sponsored YouTube video featuring your product! We'll include your product at the beginning of the video and show how we use it organically during the video. We'll include all relevant links and information in the description.
I'll Create Custom Content
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Amplification on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Single frame story posted on Instagram & Facebook with a swipe up to brand or video link.
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Add an original, well-crafted 500-word blog post specifically written with the client's campaign goals in mind. Includes social media amplification.
Bill Parisi
Bill Parisi
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15 Days Delivery
1 Revisions
Personal Use
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