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New User Experience Integrates Features of IZEAx®, Shake®, and BrandGraph® with Focus on Influencer Discovery

Orlando, Florida (May 27, 2021) – IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, today revealed the next generation of IZEAx® Unity Suite, the company’s enterprise SaaS influencer marketing solution. The latest improvements to the platform’s functionality and features focus primarily on influencer discovery across leading social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok as well as blogs. The new features are immediately available to enterprise-oriented IZEAx Unity Suite and self-service based IZEAx Discovery customers alike beginning today at no added cost.

“This is a meaningful day for the IZEA Software Ecosystem,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “We are using the data and functionality in each of our platforms to better one another, resulting in exclusive solutions for leading Influencer Marketing practitioners that only IZEA can offer.”

Unity Profiles

IZEA has completely redesigned and reimagined influencer profiles inside of IZEAx. The stunning new experience provides the industry’s most comprehensive analysis of influencer data, powered by proprietary data and insights. Unity Profiles makes the work of influencer marketing professionals easier than ever – with a wealth of information and interactive tools designed to assist them in researching, selecting, and quickly extending offers to influencers for their campaign initiatives.

BrandGraph Integration

Unity Profiles leverage a deep integration with IZEA’s BrandGraph dataset to surface relevant and actionable content for brands. Marketers are able to explore influencer content through multiple lenses. BrandGraph programmatically surfaces brand mentions and classifies the most relevant information to help aid in the selection of influencers that best align with campaign goals and competitive gain.

Shake Integration

Unity Profiles now integrates Shake listings into the IZEAx experience for the first time. Shake listings created by an influencer registered in IZEAx are now prominently displayed on the influencer’s profile page, providing marketers with another path to engage the influencer for a sponsorship or for another type of creative service. Marketers are able to choose how they would like to work with creators, whether that is through Unity Workflow in IZEAx, or through simple chat aided by ShakeBot™.

A.I. Predicted Insights

IZEAx has created a proprietary artificial intelligence engine that is able to predict the potential audience for a piece of content or social connection. The new audience insights provide demographic data about an influencer’s audience when the data is not available directly from a social platform, giving brands greater visibility prior to engaging an influencer.

Content Benchmarking

Marketers are now able to benchmark individual creator connections against the greater IZEA ecosystem on a comparative basis, choosing from a variety of data sources and comparison models. When combined with other BrandGraph integrations in Unity Suite, marketers can use IZEAx to benchmark an influencer’s content for their brand directly against a competitor’s content.

Creator Relationship Management (CRM)

IZEA has redesigned Notes and introduced CRM Email Capture as part of the Creator Relationship Management feature set. CRM Email Capture allows marketers to send emails to creators using their existing corporate email software and infrastructure while providing non-invasive technology to capture and store those emails within IZEAx. Emails shared with IZEAx become visible and searchable for everyone within the  marketer’s organization. This functionality is available for Unity Suite customers as well as Enterprise Discovery customers.

Media Kits

IZEAx can now programmatically generate downloadable influencer media kits that showcase content and relevant data in PDF format for presentation and internal approval purposes.

VizSearch TikTok

IZEA has brought TikTok support to VizSearch for the first time. Marketers are able to search and filter TikTok content from influencers with full support for BrandGraph classifiers including Companies, Brands, Industries, and the newly announced Brand Themes.

Brand Selector

The brand selector within Unity Suite allows marketers to tailor their influencer discovery experience within both Unity Profiles and VizSearch to their own brand portfolio. It is used to programmatically surface relevant information for a given brand, making it faster and easier to gain brand insights. The Brand Selector allows marketers to view the IZEAx experience through any brand lens, be it their own brand or a competitor, and is ideal for advertising or PR agencies managing and pitching influencer marketing initiatives.

Ambassadorships with TikTok

IZEA has added Ambassadorships to Unity Workflow,  allowing marketers to design long term, multi-part, multi-platform influencer sponsorships. Marketers are able to structure social posts as being dependent or independent of each other, as well as bundle payment issuance into a series of deliverables across a prolonged engagement. Amabassorships support all existing social platforms in IZEAx as well as the latest addition of TikTok.

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