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After being purchased by Amazon in 2017, Twitch’s viewership has since skyrocketed up to 15 million daily active users (DUAs). Its closest competitor, YouTube, commands only a paltry 700,000 DUAs. In other words, Twitch completely dominates the livestreaming industry.

And yet despite these impressive numbers, Twitch is still relatively untapped from a marketing perspective. Only a few brands have made significant headway in harnessing the power of its unique user base—primarily males under age 35.

As such, there’s still a lot of room for your brand to make its mark on the platform via influencers. Twitch gives marketers the opportunity to be extremely creative. But before you decide to reinvent the wheel, it’s not a bad idea to take notes from some of the most well-received campaigns

These four brands have managed to turn Twitch into a profitable marketing channel in some way or another (outside of traditional CPM media buys). Use their campaigns for inspiration—then, add your own unique flair to make the platform work for your brand in particular.

Wendy's streams Overwatch on Twitch


Wendy’s has always been at the vanguard of social media marketing innovation. At a time when brands were being timid, careful and corporate with their social communications, Wendy’s bucked the trend—by acting like an actual social media user. They were clever, entertaining, and snarky. 

On Twitch, Wendy’s has taken a similarly unique approach to marketing. Rather than push a single product with a single campaign, they went the extra mile and created their very own channel. Wendy’s uses their channel to stream popular games, just like any other Twitch streamer would.

You don’t see many brands with their own Twitch channels due to the obvious work associated with running one. Wendy’s has to coordinate weekly streams, sure—but on the flip side, they get the opportunity to interact with viewers directly through gameplay and real-time interaction. They’re also one-upping their competitors—to date, no other fast food chain has an active Twitch channel.

Since launching, they’ve managed to grow to 115,000 followers as of March 2021. That might not seem like much, but on Twitch, it’s a fairly impressive follower count. As for results, their streams average between 10,000 and 50,000 views. They stream popular games once per week, taking advantage of popular Twitch game categories to get eyeballs on their streams and accompanying promotions.

House Rep AOC plays Among Us on Twitch

AOC & Joe Biden

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a well-known member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Despite being fairly new to politics, she has the uncanny ability to directly appeal to the younger demographic. Her sway allows her to tap into an audience that is usually completely disinterested in politics altogether.

So, to market herself and her policies, it’s only natural that she utilized Twitch’s younger user base. Before the election of 2020, she streamed herself playing a game called Among Us. To make sure the stream had the best chance of being a smashing success, she partnered with Pokimane and several other popular streamers to expand her reach.

At its peak, the stream hit 435,000 viewers—an incredibly impressive number by any account. It was, in our opinion, one of most genius standalone Twitch marketing campaigns to date.

Joe Biden also got in on the action by launching his own Animal Crossing island, though the campaign wasn’t nearly as impactful as AOC’s was.

Brisk sponsors Rocket League competition on Twitch

PepsiCo (Brisk)

To promote a limited-time Brisk product, PepsiCo sponsored an off-season tournament in the game Rocket League. The sponsorship was different from traditional sports sponsorships—and gave PepsiCo much more control over what happened during the stream.

  • As always, ads for Brisk ran throughout the tournament
  • Viewers could cheer for the live commentators to drink Brisk
  • Viewers were enticed to engage with Brisk on social media platforms (outside of Twitch)
  • Brisk advertised heavily on the Rocket League subreddit
  • A new Brisk-themed car was released into the game for players to use

Rather than just being an ordinary sponsor, Brisk went above and beyond—and reaped the benefits of doing so. Instead of just getting their name in front of an audience, they became a true conversation piece—the phrase “Take the risk, drink the Brisk” even formed organically during the tournament, which gave the brand meme-worthy relevance. 

(When it comes to Twitch and Gen Z in particular, the importance of “memeability” cannot be understated.)

Roryplays helps EA promote Brisk


Not every Twitch advertising campaign needs to be completely expansive. Twitch is unique in that each streamer has followers that are passionately invested in their content. They may watch a particular streamer for an hour or more every single day—which means if a brand sponsors that particular streamer, viewers will pay particularly close attention to whatever is being promoted.

EA teamed up with RoryPlays to promote The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. It was a pretty simple campaign—RoryPlays played the game, included an EA logo overlay, and promoted the game and brand verbally.

Since RoryPlays has only 14,000 followers, it’s not as if this campaign was EA’s biggest marketing endeavor of the year. But the fact that RoryPlays wasn’t a big-time streamer actually helped the brand out. RoryPlays was excited about the product— he talked about the game constantly and made an effort to promote the brand. 

That’s the advantage of working with smaller streamers or micro-influencers—their dedicated fan-base is invested in seeing their favorite streamers do well, and therefore are open to hearing about these sponsorships. 

As you can see, marketing on Twitch isn’t as cut and dry as it is on other social media platforms—but the potential is certainly there. Get creative with your Twitch influencer campaigns to give your brand a big edge with millennials and Gen Z, especially the male segment of those demographics.